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About me and progress, etc.

Since I have been doing this a long time, off and on, let me explain off and on and results :Smile

I first transitioned, by accident, when I was 28. After breaking up with my first wife. I worked from home so I just sort of melted into living in "women's clothes" and I did this until I got a new job. No hormones or legal changes. I used meth here and there and was very skinny.

Ultimately, for the new job, which I got strictly on reputation, I had to be Steve.

I waited 7 years before attempting again, in the midst of a lot of crises between work, marriage, family. This went a little differently, starting hormones first. Marriage was not going well so we split up and I moved from Southern California to Seattle, part of the reason there is the administrative stuff would be easier. I changed my name, stayed on hormones and things seemed OK but they weren't. Trouble brewed in my noggin. The victim of childhood abuse, the memories came back in strange ways and I ended up hospitalized several times. I decided transition was a weight I couldn't carry.
I stopped hormones then. At that point I had fairly small boobs that were rather pointy.

The weight was actually not being me. This got too heavy and I tried to die. I was nearly successful, too.

I slowly worked my way into transition again.

6 years ago I went back to full time never to return to Steve again. While I haven't had GRS (medical stuff is stopping me) I have gone where I need to otherwise. My doc signed off on papers and California allowed me to change my birth certificate, name and all, sealing the old one.

We moved to Oregon shortly after and all my documents here are based on my birth certificate so there is nothing that directly screams "she's a transie"

So here is overall progress...

[Image: collage.jpg]
This covers my transition and back and transition up until 3 years ago...
Current photos:
Day to day me: [Image: dowhat.jpg]

Sexy me: [Image: sexypose.jpg]

And my over all growth and shape: [Image: tits.jpg]

My boobs are still a bit conical and lopsided but welcome to womanhood Nicci :p although I would like them to be rounder and fuller. I am fairly happy with what I have.
Welcome back ,glad your going in a positive direction for your self

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