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Hi everybody-

After much time lurking in the shadows, I thought I’d at least say hi and thanks to everybody that is willing to share their experiences. 

I’m a mid-40s male... I’ve struggled with my identity for quite some time and even tried herbals off and on for about 3 years, but never with any true commitment. The past few weeks I finally did some self reflection and decided to wade deeper so to speak. I’m now starting with 1000mg/day of PM with the hope of ramping up over time and seeing where my initial order of 400 caps puts me...

I’ll probably continue to lurk, but know that there are quiet admirers of those of you who are more forthcoming!
well thank you for posting ,great to hear from you and best of luck in your growing Smile
Hello, Wading-In. 

PM is one hell of a drug. 

Study the Breast Growing Notes thread in the Herbal section. 
Lotus has provided us with a lot of science & research. 
Good Luck Growing Forward!
Welcome to the forum, enjoy the adventure.
Like Stevenator wrote...PM is very strong, so tread lightly!
Most of all. don't get in a rush to develop breasts, it takes time and you will experience times when you feel that nothing is happening but something
will be happening soon!

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