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My program
This is my first post though I’ve been reading this forum for a few years now with a few stints of HBE. Had some changes is my life where I am finally ready to fully explore the feminine side of me. Mostly I am looking to feminize my whole body and in the past have seen the beginning of breast buds with PM, RR, and WP. So here’s what I am doing currently having slow ramped up the PM from 500mg/day over the last month:

PM - 500mg three times a day (Rachaa brand)
RR - 500 mg in the AM (Swanson’s Reishi Mushroom)
WP - 500 mg in the AM (solaray brand)
Multi vitamin in the AM
Calcium in the AM
Collagen Peptides - 7g in the morning
Spearmint tea throughout the day

Any advice would be appreciated. My current questions are if I should be taking Red Reishi specifically? Swanson’s is a brand I hear about a lot on here so I went with it but not sure if it’s effective not being labeled “red”.

Excited to finally be posting and beginning this journey!
Your reshi should be fine.

Keep a journal, document your changes. It helps to stay modivated.
Best of luck  Wink

Consider adding DHEA 
Quote:DHEA-derived androstenedione can be converted to estrogen via P450 aromatase activity, demonstrating an important role for DHEA in hormone production for both sexes. 

Dandelion Root
Quote:The present study shows that oral intake of DT-1E up-regulates ERalpha, ERbeta, PR and FSHR expression in mice, suggesting the potential application of DT-1E for the clinical treatment of reproductive hormone-related disturbances.

Looking forward to progress reports

Best of luck
I haven’t heard much about DHEA and will have to look into it. Im curious how others are using it in their programs.

I’ve had dandelion tea before as a substitute for coffee. Not sure if it was made from the root or not. Is there a best way to consume dandelion? Pills vs tea?

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