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Second Thoughts on alcohol based Fenugreek Extract
I think elsewhere I've poo poo'd alcohol based versions of liquid Fenugreek extracts, but I've found in testing them (for comparison) that I actually like having them handy for (topical) use.

The alcohol based ones (Herb Pharm in this case)  drys quickly and doesn't leave the brownish residue of the non alcohol forms I've tried.

I still prefer Hawaii Pharm as the top contender. The Greenbush version, although supposedly technically stronger (by Greenbush's extraction ratio claims) didn't quite live up to the next day buoyancy of the Hawaii Pharm Fenugreek liquid extract.
I’m currently on an extended break. 
How is this method working for you?
I like the combined effect of the fenugreek liquid extract and the OTC BiEST, but if the latter is what is making me feel dizzy at times, then I'm not sure I can continue to leverage that for any great length of time. I've thought about giving estrogel a go but I'm guessing that would have the same, but exacerbated side effect for me.
BiEST OTC usually is a very low dose. 
I wonder why it made you dizzy?
(30-08-2019, 04:53 AM)Stevenator Wrote: BiEST OTC usually is a very low dose. 
I wonder why it made you dizzy?

Right, it is low. This one is a combination of both Estradiol and Estriol. Perhaps I have enough estrogen flowing through the system to begin with and it exacerbates that.
I’m strongly considering a three month run of estrogel.
(31-08-2019, 01:09 PM)Stevenator Wrote: I’m strongly considering a three month run of estrogel.

Interesting. I've considered giving it a shot. What would you say are your chief aims in doing so?

This person below did a similar run (except with pills) for different aims (to thwart depression). What's interesting is that about the three month mark, even though they liked the results, they had doubts and told their doc they weren't inclined to continue the treatment if they weren't going to transition, and the doc hinted, "I think you are." Smile

The Estrogen Experiment
4 months on cross-sex hormones

Q: What would you say are your chief aims in doing so?

A: Bigger Boobs

But seriously folks .....

The thought of rubbing a gel on my arm once a day, vs. taking 20 capsules a day is liberating. I’m deathly afraid of the older “trans-face”, and that’s what keeps me from pursuing hrt. That, and losing male function. I don’t want to subject my wife to either of those things. For over a year I’ve been tempted to stick my toe in the hrt waters. I’m afraid I’ll be too tempted to do a reverse 4 and a half somersault piked from the 3 metre spring board into the hrt pool. I’m thinking that three months on a low dose gel could answer a few questions, so I usually at that point just go ahead and order PM. 


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