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PM spray or Progesterone cream to fix asymmetry?
Hey all!
As I slowly progress into the land of boobage, my left/right asymmetry doesn't get any better. My left is rounding up a bit between tanner stage 2 and 3, but my right is stuck in stage 2 as a squarish looking man boob with my nipple pointing further down. I know that there are difference in musculature (I am right handed) so it may not just be a matter of adding breast tissue, but I thought that I would like to try some topical stuff to try and add volume on the right side alone.
PM sprays and Progesterone creams are the two names that I read about the most. Has anybody tried both of them and can advocate for one or the other?
Thank youuuuu
Following. I have a similar issue with my left. it's stubbornly not projecting out like my right is.

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