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Insane weight loss
In my experience I went from 385 pounds to 180. It took over 10 years. What bothers me is in the five years of NBE I went from flat to D to C. My body image was a fat person now what am I. All this hard work is wasted.
I don't understand, why is it wasted? Congratulations on the weight loss.
The more weight I loose the smaller my breasts get. Smaller curves, less fem.
Hi, Billy,
Body image is a big deal.
I think to answer your pain, the question is: what do you want to be? What sort of self image does this person have?
Are you still seeing yourself as a fat person? If so, does that bother you? 
Or, are you now upset that you can't just see yourself as "a fat guy with moobs", to be blunt - you're now a gurl with blooming breasts, and developing (developed?) a figure!

It is an insane amount of work to cut the weight down that way. I've been trying myself for less of a loss, but can't even get it started on my schedule...  You should be proud of your achievement! And I hear a lot of pain there instead, so - if you can find the cause, and then decide how to fix the issue, or heal issues, or even re-brand your self (typed with the space intentionally, re-branding as a process, of your SELF, not just yourself)...  Then maybe you have arrived where you want to be? And the mind and heart are now unsure what happened?

From personal experience, that tends to lead to re-gaining the weight. And it won't just go to boobs...  It goes to arteries, abdomen, neck, triceps, etc. So, more important to now consider changing the process into body sculpting, and more massage of the breasts (if you don't use coconut oil, add that in, for example), and tricks like the fenugreek oil on the nipples, I think it was ..  insulin manipulation, perhaps, as a means of causing fat deposits...  Sort of reverse the body builder's approaches, targeting the breasts. So, heat the breasts with a heating pad to increase circulation, eat a high sugar & high fat meal - candy and cheese, say, and then chill the abdomen...  If that works, the circulation modifications would allow fat to deposit more in breasts and butt areas, while you sort of cool-sculpt the ONE part we don't want, the tummy. 
I haven't gotten to try this yet, it's speculation on my part. (I can't even get people onto a scheduled eating plan, let alone a diet, and that means it's impossible for me, too.) 
Think of the meal as, curly kale salad with cheese crumbles (LOTS of cheese crumbles), with a sweet wine (high residual sugar), and add to the salad nuts, fruits, and olive oil or coconut oil... Maybe have some candy at the end, literally, to spike the insulin, and then allow the insulin crash mechanism to do its thing...  

I'd also suggest you continue working with what has worked, to keep the weight down, but add specific sculpting exercises, like sumo squats, donkey kicks ,  side leg raises, fire hydrants, to build curves. 
See if that makes your body get back in line with your self image ...
To answer your questions I like the curves the happy personality and fun sexuality of fat people. I married two fat people. The fight to loose weight is also the fight to keep my low weight. The decisions I make include a strenuous special ed teaching job, Walking 6000 to 15000 steps a day, eating high protein meals and having sex daily..  My real battle is against Diabetes High Blood Preasure High Choleasterol Caudua Equina and Bipolar.

Yes Breasts and a healthy body with curves is possible. But my health issues keep me from taking HRT.
I like curvy women too, but after a certain point their face starts to look worse. How much depends on genetics - there are some very pretty plus size models. One of the main reasons I want to lose weight is so my face looks better. I guess I am somewhat worried about losing some breast (and butt).

I'm not sure if that helps you or not, but if you are interested in an overall feminine presentation, maybe you could try getting into makeup. I guess if you have very masculine features, weight loss might not help as they will be more accentuated, but generally weight loss will help your face a lot more than hormones.

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