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something really strange, HELP ADMIN!
Got a notification about a post...tried to log in and my password was rejected. So , I used my email for a new one and the message came to my box addressed to 'VeronicaCD". Seems it's someones very old account with only three posts.
Last visit was Oct 2013.
What the heck happened?
Where is Elainecd ....my account....
Not quite sure what to do.   Rolleyes

Update: my name is now missing from the member list, but when I searched "Elainecd" ...all my posts showed.
Oh and my info and signature is correct in her profile but the pic isn't me....seems we have gotten crossed up somehow.
Ill change the pw and wait for admin help
(15-08-2019, 01:56 PM)VeronicaCD Wrote: Update: my name is now missing from the member list

No it isn't. The member list shows both Elainecd904 and elainecd, as well as VeronicaCD.

Have you opened 3 different accounts?

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