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hello im new and confused
im in my early 30s and have crossdressed and dreamed about having breasts as young as 5 and im so confused about many things
i see different shorthand or abbreviations here 
pm is puereria mirifica i think
i dont know WP
im dazed and confused and really am just wanting to learn enough to choose what i want
PM is pueraria mirifica and WP is white peony.

There are various brands of PM, but Ainterol (capsules) is one of the most highly regarded.

White Peony is more of an anti androgen (think suppress testosterone). There are a lot of things referred to as white peony (teas, etc.) that are not white peony. The specific white peony is Paeonia lactiflora which you can read about in the context of testosterone suppression here. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3693613/

If I were starting over, knowing what I know now (and I don't claim to know everything) I'd go with PM (Ainterol PM) and fenugreek liquid extract (the latter used topically). Testosterone suppressors like white peony would be more of an afterthought. The latter might help, but you might not need them for your purposes.
Also check out the thread posted by Lotus. LOTS of excellent information there. Just remember everyone is different, so you may have to do a little trial and error to find what combo works for you. Be prepared for this to take a while. You won't wake up on day 36 to discover you now have boobs. I wish. Just keep at it, check with Lotus's guide and you should be on your way soon! Good luck! 
Also, remember to take lots of photos. Even if you don't post them, you'll have a nice timeline for yourself. ?
I refer to the Breast Growing Notes thread all the time. 
There is a glossary noted in the thread, but it’s the 
source thread for all your questions. Lotus also has 
an Anti-Androgens (AA) thread in the Herbal section 
as well. 

personally, i do not want to block testosterone because i like being strong.  physical strength can save your life especially being a guy with breasts.....  in fact i encourage my testosterone but supplement with PM and Fenugreek mainly for my hair and skin.   basically all you have to do is start taking PM .  there's tons of it on ebay.  get some gel-caps too.   about 500mg daily then according to your own body increase accordingly.   if you feel a lump behind your nips that means that your titties are growning.

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