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What's it like to grow/have breasts? - a beginner's guide
I've been meaning to write this for a while. As I experience changes in my body, I feel the need to share some information with those who are as curious as I was but haven't started their journey. Now, keep in mind the fact that my development is very minor when compared with some on here, but I do have two small bumps on my chest that simply weren't there at all 12 months ago. My experience is different from some of the others, as I had very unremarkable nipples and zero fat accumulation, so changes that were dramatic for me might not mean anything to someone who already has moobs, for example.

I encourage others to share their anecdotes here, as well. The sole purpose of this thread is to try to prepare the boob-curious person for what's to come if they embark on an NBE journey. Also, I'm not sure is this is FAQ worthy, but I encourage mods to move it if they feel it's appropriate.

What does it feel like when they start to grow?

My nipples started to become erect more frequently. There were periods when they seems to stay erect for hours at a time. This was extremely erotic to me but sensitivity only increased a bit. There were times when they ached and one time that my wet t-shirt and chest-high fishing waders (I was fishing at the time) rubbed against them and they felt like they were on fire.

Budding was more interesting. I started to get pea-sized balls of sore tissue beneath my nipples. They weren't connected to my nipples at all but were located behind them. Even though they were sore, I was tempted to play with/squeeze them all the time. This didn't feel good, per se, but having some kind of "breast material" was so thrilling that I simply couldn't help it. Imagine my surprise when clear fluid starting coming out of my nipples! I wasn't lactating, but my budding/growing breast glands were producing clear liquid (there's a name for it, but I don't know what it is) and I could express a drop when I clamped down and kept pressure on my nascent boobs. My favorite thing (as a lactation fetishist) was to get enough out of them to dribble down across my areolae. That doesn't happen any more and I sure miss it.

What does having breasts feel like?

My boobs are so small, that there are times when I don't notice they're there. but as small as they are, they still manage to remind me on a daily basis that they're stuck to my body:


If I wear a non-loose t-shirt, I'm sometimes aware of a difference in the way it fits. I can feel this odd tension in the fabric, which is a result of it being snug across the chest. As small as my boobies are, a smallish men's t-shirt isn't designed to fit loosely around them. To an overweight person, this is nothing new but to me, it's a big deal. Now that I have them, I can better imagine how a person with proper breasts feels when their sweater meat is pushing out against their clothing.


I'm a side or chest sleeper about 90% of the time and I was quite surprised the first time I found that my breasts was pinched by my arm. I'd imagine that proper hooters would require a bit of care when rolling onto one's side or moving arms around in bed, because they could get a good squeeze and they're apt to get in the way somehow.


This is a big one. When I was around 20 years old, I got a porn tape that featured a trans woman. During an interview, she said that she "was really surprised when she ran down the stairs and felt titties bouncing" and that it then that she realized she was starting to change into a woman. Well, folks, I sometimes run outside and jump up and down, just to feel mine bounce. The easiest way to get them moving, though, is to descend some stairs. It feels like your whole chest area is "shrugging". This can be a little painful (in a good way) if they happen to be sore from growing. While it's not really stimulating in a sexual way, it's pretty erotic to me to think that "my breasts are bouncing." Makes me crave proper boobs.

The flesh:

My boobs consist of some soft skin over a thick layer of very, very soft flesh over a mass of clumpy glandular material. I'd imagine that anyone with some real breasts has exactly the same stuff I have, just bigger. I can squeeze mine pretty hard and they don't hurt, but I can imagine that a mammogram would probably be pretty painful. I never probed as deeply into a woman's breasts as I have into my own, so I feel I've learned a bit about them since I grew my own tiny rack. I really want to do an in-depth examination of my girlfriend's (much larger) boobs, but I'd have some 'splainin' to do if I tried it.

There are regular reminders that they're there. When showering, I feel my arms rubbing across my nipples as I reach around my body. There was simply nothing there before and there are these protuberances now. Other daily reminders occur when physical labor ensues. Carry a stack of books or a piece of heavy furniture and BOOM, you can feel your tits getting smashed. The same goes for a gentle tap from a friend or girlfriend - you feel inclined to protect them because it hurts a little (and all of a sudden, you feel some modesty about your breasts!).

The nipples:

My areolae have doubled in size and the nipples have grown a bit. Most of the time, these assemblies are much darker in color than they were before I started NBE. I'm sure that in addition to growing of their own accord, they've simply gotten stretched out because the flesh that they're perched atop has itself expanded. This helps me to understand female anatomy better. I love women who have oblong nipples and I realize that the expanding breasts simply pulled them into that shape.

Yes, they're more sensitive. Six or seven months ago, I was shocked to find out that they gave a jolt of pleasure when a stream of water from the shower head hit them. They don't seem to be as sensitive now, but they're more sensitive then they were when they were masculine. I do play with them often but I haven't had much opportunity for extended pampering sessions. There were two times when I felt genuine deep sexual pleasure from them and I imagined I might experience nipple orgasm, but it didn't happen and they haven't been as responsive lately. They're not like a penis in that they seems to respond much better when you're in the right state of mind for breast play.

One interesting thing about breasts is that they seem to be dynamic in that they change a little in size, shape and sensitivity from week to week. I can only imagine how much more they'd vary if I had female hormone swings.

Oh, and my little boobs have become a major focal point when I'm looking to pleasure myself. I pretty much always have a free hand on one of them. Manipulation results in a sexual response by my male parts. I've read about this in lots of TG fiction, that playing with one's boobs results in a feeling of "direct connection" to the groin stuff, but I never experienced that myself until I got some development up top.

What about women's boobs? Are you still a breast man?:

Of course, but there has been a shift. Yes, I love breasts. Yes, I was to play with a woman's boobs. But I spend most of my time comparing mine to hers. "Mine could be as big as hers at some point." "I wish my nipples were like that." "I wonder what it feels like to have big ones like those." "I wish mine could look that nice in a blouse/bra/lingere." A fascinating mental shift for a guy who is largely unaffected by the "pink fog" that so many talk about.

I'll add to this if anything else comes to mind. In the meantime, please feel free to chime in!
What does having breasts feel like?

At the moment, there is a constant sensation of increasing heaviness behind my nipples. My chest feels larger. 
Breasts have a structure, and not simply loose sacks of fat. I can feel that structure as part of my chest.
Sometimes they feel quite normal, sometimes they feel very different.
I'm now sporting 2 good handfulls...an A cup. They feel different, sensual, sensitive, wonderful.
My boobs are obvious under a tee shirt, my tits push out against the fabric. I love the sensation and the look. From now on the only way that I will wear a tee shirt around certain parties, will be with a sports bra underneath. They are great for smoothing out those little curves. Most of my shirts are snug fitting styles.
Loose fitting shirts easily conceal them.

Which ever position I lay in, my two 'girls' are always making their presence known. We sleep fine together.
Waking up is better now as I they are always there and perhaps a little bigger.

Yes...they certainly do, all the time now. I seem to notice the bouncing more with a bra on. They also shake.

The Flesh:
These tits are real! I'm learning how to deal with them. They don't really get in the way, not yet. I mostly brush my inner arms against them, or bump them into something. Showering has changed, now I have to carefully wash around them. They are sensitive sometimes.
They have some weight to them now. Those round lumps under the nipples have doubled in width. There is an inner structure that is gradually developing deep within.
I love playing with them, gently pinching and squeezing. I trace each growing curve with my fingers. I gather them up in my hands, feeling their firmness and increasing heaviness.
Looking down, seeing them, my breasts.

The Nipples:
Now much larger and darker. The areola are no longer flat but conical, puffy, and nearly 3 times wider.
The nipples were the very first change that I experienced. They tingled nonstop as they grew and extended.
Now they press against my shirts, two obvious points.
I'm always touching them. They respond immediately, swelling and standing out. I think the entire breast swells along with them.

I love having breasts. I wish I had done this years ago, when I knew a little about NBE, but did nothing until starting early last year.
Breasts are fun. Now I can indulge myself whenever I want to.
A lifelong curiosity is being satisfied. Now I know.
They feel wonderful.
Yeah...I'm very much a breast man.

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