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Full-time experiment - maybe...
From a couple of my other posts, you may well see that sometime ago, after a whole lot of navel gazing, I’ve kind of come around to the understanding, and accepting, that I could well be, probably am, actually transgender - at least, to some extent. I don’t have any plans, or need, to transition, which I’m fine with, but I do wonder if things were different, whether I could. I don’t know... maybe, maybe not?
Then I read a recent-ish post on here, from another member (who's name I can't remember, sorry), who did a kind-of full-time “experiment” thing, for similar reasons, I believe, or maybe part of a bigger plan. Either way, I thought was a great idea – “Damn, if only I had that kind of opportunity!” I said to myself. However, for a whole raft of the usual reasons, circumstances, location, etc., it’s not something that I can, or expect to, do.
But then, as part of a bigger trip to the US, in Dec (yes, I know, it’s still a long ways off), I’ve got a few days on my own, back in Arizona. So, I’ve decided that I’m gonna use this as my chance to go en femme, 24*7 for the 3-days/nights that I’m there; to dip my toes in the water, and maybe answer that “What if...?” question.

There’s a lot still being finalized, but I’ve booked a car and a trans friendly hotel, with some LGBTI bars/clubs that I know, relatively close by; and I’ve got a couple of local contacts who are in that scene – so I’ve got somewhere to live, somewhere to go, and possibly some company. I’m excited and nervous as hell, at the same time - but I figure it is only 3-days, and life’s too short, so why not?

I know I’m not doing anything ground breaking, earth shattering, or that hasn’t been done before. So, in the grand scheme of things, what I’m hoping to do is really nothing very special... at all.

But... to me... it is...

Of course, it’s not without risk, I understand that – and there are a whole bunch of reasons both for, and against, but I’m gonna go through with it (probably), regardless, coz who knows whether the same kind of opportunity will pop up again.

Is this really a wise decision, or am I just being delusional, or stupid? Just interested in your thoughts.
If you have fun ,then there is no loss,and who wouldn't want a short vacation and be all women , that could lead to better days ahead and a solid direction to go with
Hi Kimi, you already have an advantage by planning ahead. Also meeting up with like minded peeps is the way to go.
I do fulltime for days several times a year, although mostly solo I have met with friends and everything was cool.
Loose yourself in yourself...live in your world. 
What are ordinary day to day things to most, can become special times for us.

Relax and have a blast!
I second or third the motion.
You only go round once and this is your golden opportunity to live your other life.
Just remember to blend and not Stick out like a 2 dollar whore.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Yeah, to try and blend in, is exactly what I’m intending to do (and I can hear the laughter already) - although, I could slip into being "outrageously fabulous", and just go full drag-queen, but that would kinda defeat the objective.

I’m not going to be travelling to Tucson en femme, so I’ll be changing somewhere, although not sure where, or when – I’ve got some ideas, but will probably just play it by ear.

The concept is to transform (as such), as soon as possible, and be seen as “full time” from the airport, until I leave to go to Vegas 3-days later. But, as we all know, the “best laid plans of mice and men”, and all that...

Look, in all seriousness, I figure there are some pretty ugly, big-boned women, with lived-in faces, out there, so whilst it’s hard to consider that I might get away with it, it’s not totally beyond belief. However, the possible reality of not blending in, and, instead, actually being that sore thumb, and a target of derision, is by far, my biggest mental confidence-killer.

Having said that, I’ve recently come around to the thinking that most folks, are like gold fish - our passer-by visual attention span is about 10 secs before we shift focus. The only time we really focus in, is when someone or something stands out enough to distract us from the next thing.

So, if I dress like everyone else, act positively, as though I do it all day every day, and keep moving (coz moving targets are more difficult to hit), people will see, but, hopefully/maybe, not register, or question, too much.

But, there are situations where “being stationary” is the only option: restaurants, elevators, check-outs, gas stations, and a thousand others. And then, the biggest concern of all, the public rest rooms... which I see as being the riskiest, the most uncontrollable and potentially unavoidable, of all situations – coz when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. But my plan is to steer clear, unless absolutely necessary. However, I've decided that, if I actually don't back out of this ridiculously stupid idea between now and then, I WILL go in, oh yes, I will go in - even if it's only the once.
Kimi: If you are going to try a full time experiment, you are going about it in the wrong way. Stay out of the trans-friendly motel, and stay away from any LGBT activity. These will mark you as transgender or transvestite. You want to blend in as a normal woman. So stay in a normal hotel- go to a normal bar and dress as normal women do. Good luck.
Hmm, interesting, I hadn’t considered that.... But, this exercise is for me to try the full time thing, and let’s face it, I’m going to get clocked at some point, so I figured that I’d have a couple of fallback places if it all turns to shit, or gets too much.

But I will be getting out n about, not just staying in that area.
I remember how nervous I was my first time out. I felt like everyone was staring at me like I was a circus freak but they weren't.  
I agree with everyone else, just don't be flamboyant, wear bright colors, or be to loud. It's more like trying to be a hunter wearing camo, and blending into the surroundings.
You will be fine . Have fun
Not sure whether this is the right place for this, but sorry if it isn’t.

So went shopping for some day clothes for my trip - does this scream “shopping mall suitable”, coz it does to me, and just wondering whether I’m on the right track?

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Very Nice! I love skirts! Pretty Blouse, too!
This is a cool adventure that you’ve got planned.
I know you must be excited!

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