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NBE / BO and marijuana options
If you've read my Teenage Mammorries thread, you'll know I'm a pot smoker of more than 20 years now. I usually smoke around a gram a day, mixed with tobacco to about a 70/30 ratio in favor of the green. Its only around 3 - 4 hours a day/night, and I really stretch it out as long as possible, not just smoking like crazy every minute of that time. Health wise, I got a chest/lung x-ray a few months ago, and was expecting some degree of bad news from the doc, but no, there are no black spots on the picture, he said no signs of lung cancer, bronchitis or emphysema! Not bad for 20 years of smoking hey, as I said to him!

My addiction really is the key thing thats keeping me back from going full tilt on my NBE quest, I've been trying this and that, never for very long. Obviously I'm not naive, I know about the dangers of nicotine, and its effects on NBE by reducing oxygen to the blood (think?), as well as everything else bad about it. So I'm trying to explore my options and see if there is a safe way to get high on weed without smoking joints while pursuing NBE/feminization to its fullest (thinking of BO program);
So far I've come up with;

1. Bud Butter for Space Cakes, brownies etc.

By adding the ground green to low simmering butter for 45 minutes, the THC is absorbed into the butter which can be used in baking, and consumed to get high.
I've actually tried this a few times, and I like how stronger the buzz is compared to smoking. I'd probably use 1/8th - 1/4oz of bud (3.5 - 7gms), using maybe 200 grams of butter to absorb. Does that sound about right? I know about consuming too much fat, but instead of butter I hear canola spread is very good too with less fat, and it'll be spread out over an entire baking tray for 10-12 pieces, 1 a night should do me fine!

2. Vaporizers

My understanding of vapes are pretty basic, but it's better than smoking because it's not actually burning smoking your inhaling just vapor? (Over simplified but...)
After a search, apparently Katie was interested in vaping back in 2016, and Tasha said she feels fine with it, her doc didn't find any health problems. Admittedly, they did it for tobacco/nicotine, but for green it should be same principle, right?

Unfortunately, medicinal usage of it is only just starting in Auzland, sad to say there're no dispensaries around town, otherwise, I'd gladly go in and try some of their cookies or even lollies (candy), as even better options! I'd try to order some of those THC candies from America, but I'm sure they'd get stopped and seized by Auz Customs!  Angry

If anyone can advise on the science of these ideas or have some of your own, I'd love to hear from you! (Calling all pot smokers...!)


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