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NBE/HT/Transgender Q&A
Hi everyone,

I don't really have a program to post now, but I do have a lot of past experience!
Feel free to ask me things about breast growth, transitioning on medical hormones, SRS, life in Japan or just about me in general!

Here's a pic of me and my bestie! 

Hope to hear from you soon!

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(31-07-2019, 02:08 AM)Valkyrie2020 Wrote: Hi everyone,

I don't really have a program to post now, but I do have a lot of past experience!
Feel free to ask me things about breast growth, transitioning on medical hormones, SRS, life in Japan or just about me in general!

Here's a pic of me and my bestie! 

Hope to hear from you soon!

so cute!
Copy and pasted from my Introduce Yourself post

To make a long story short, BO did nothing for me. I honestly don't think it works for genetic males with the few exceptions due to the fact that our bodies don't have anything for the BO to build off of. I could be wrong of course, but looking at how BO is supposed to work, I don't see it as an effective tool to feminize nor grow breast.

After I gave up on BO, I went with PM, Reishi, White Peony and spearmint tea. I was seeing better results than BO, but I still kept researching.
I had best results on PM, Black Cohosh, Fenugreek, Chaste Tree mixed into a shake I created with spinich, banana, peanut butter, strawberries, dark chocolate (75% and higher)
I started looking into Japanese methods of massage and videos of women who successfully increased their bust from A to D, E, and F cups (D, DD, E for USA sizes). 

The take away from all their methods are: 
1) progesterone and prolactin are more important than estrogen to mature breast beyond tanner stage 3 and 4
 (I'm in tanner 4 currently but should exit within the current year with my current program if everything works the way it should)
     a) it increases the size of milk ducts
     b) don't forget, a trans woman was able to breastfeed a baby for 6 weeks after doctors gave her mostly progesterone and prolactin medication. Her breast fully matured and produced milk to feed a child. If that isn't more than enough evidence, then I don't know what is.

2) don't just massage your breast in circles (chi massage), lymph massage is most successful
     a) unclogging your lymph system makes it easier to transport those herbs/estrogen/progesterone to you breast and makes dumping toxins in your body easier
     b) massage in the morning and at night before bed
     c) use or make a breast massage cream that contain volufilin to promote fat storage up there. Can also be used on your butt/hips to increase size there

3) High Protein and fat diet is important
     a) I was on a ketogetic diet eating mostly chicken, salmon, shrimp, beef, butter, bacon, eggs, veggies, nuts, dark chocolate (75% and up cacao)
     b) Ketogenic diet + intermittent fasting will also spike your natural growth hormone while you sleep. This will aid in increase breast size and keep your tummy slim at the same time
         therefore making your breast appear bigger and actually growing them. I was at my biggest/fullest while on keto!

4) Proper fitting bras and wear night bras for a more beautiful shape and fuller bust
     a) Not wearing bras/wrong sized bras will make your breast grow separated directions (called 離れ胸 hanare mune - distanced breast)
     b) Wearing 育乳ブラー (iku-nyuu braa - breast education bras) will help gather fat from your back and underarms and move them slowly towards your breast over time
          1) doesn't matter if your bra is wired or not, but you might want to wear non-wired iku-nyuu bras if the wired bras bother you. But most iku-nyuu bras are wired :x
     c) Wearing sleep bras at night or when just lounging about the house are good to keep those girls growing in a beautiful circle and projecting forward
          1) Sleep bras with sturdy cups in them, side power-netting on the outside of the bra, wide straps, good underarm and back fat support, and front or cross closure in the front are most effective for creating 谷間 (tanima - means cleavage but literally means "valley"), a バージスライン(baajisu rain - Verges line - that beautiful W shape you get on your under bust)
Your band size will shrink and bust will increase.

5) having a significant other, having sex, or just masturbating. Weird I know, but the chemicals that are released when you are around someone you're in love with, or during sex, or sex simulation has positive effects on breast growth as well. I'm single, and I'm not promiscuous either, so that only leaves one choice for me, lmao!

6) Reducing your stress levels and keeping a positive attitude will help you grow your girls as well. 
     a) My mantra has always been "Big bobbie dreams!!" since starting this. I say it every night when I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning like a little kid!
     b) I also follow a lot of 巨乳 (kyonyuu - giant breast) and 爆乳 (bakunyuu - bomb breast) models on instagram and youtube. 
     *Bakunyuu > Kyonyuu in case you're wondering the difference*
          They are my inspiration and keep my hopes up that theses once flat chested girls were able to achieve greatness.

*I included the Japanese names for some things because a lot of this stuff doesn't exist in America/Europe I think or at least not talked about in a great deal to get useful information. You can try to order some of these things off amazon or rakuten international and see if they'll ship to the US/Europe. Good luck!*
Majority of Japanese women take 女子力 (joshi-ryoku - femininity) really seriously so they talk a lot about breast care, increasing size, vaginal care and diet a lot.  But femininity goes beyond physical appearance and a lot of them say mine is very high when I talk about things like this with them. 
If I remember anything else I'll posted it either here or somewhere it'll fit. 
I'm currently getting 2 ampules of estrogen and 1 ampule of progesterone injections. Along with this, I take fenugreek and hops for extra progesterone, prolactin, and estrogen as well as drink 青汁 (aojiru - a green healthy shake that is usually made from kale and contains a lot of vitamins) and きな粉と黒ゴマ (kinako to kuro-goma - i have no translation for kinako but kuro-goma is black sesame seeds and they both taste pretty sweet. mix it in milk or place on top of tofu or ice cream. it is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and isoflavins). Mix them together with whole milk or almond milk if you cannot drink dairy. I also include collagen in my drink for skin softness, and helping the breast area as well.

I was getting placenta for my first two years, but I ended up moving and going to a different clinic and they don't do placenta injections there. 
The placenta helped me feminize really well according to my previous doctor. I think I'm gonna have to find another beauty clinic in my new area to get.

Hope I gave you guys a decent insight on Asian bust-up culture. Let me know if there is more you guys wanna know or if I confused any of you somehow.
I can literally talk about this stuff all day! Big Grin


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