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Simple question about our life.
Hi, a have one question.
What all people doing here?
Why we dont living with real life?
we are like minded , and what we like is our life , our real life
Hi Cindy.

Not sure what exactly you're asking.  Do you mean why do we post on this forum?
Can the clay say to the potter, I will make myself thus?

told the last time in the air for pagan rituals to comthunder hay has to fling skreigh at thy sweetheart. Screens in tents at fairly reduced prices have parachuted over the stage, where everyone was placated by dark wonder and lost shipping lanes- the cost is sheep, and when we get home, the recipe will be in the woodshop- meanwhile, these separations have long since strung themselves to their mastheads- I publish this now, or find the few and the many in peril for their sobriety...crow overhead sees that one chance to catch that one chorus in the evening winds of clay mated selves dung beetles rice bowls brimming with water on a warm afternoon the trees are swaying with applefaced ponds settling the leaves sing as the doe walks cautiously 

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