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Where to start?
Hi all,
I was waiting for all my herbs to arrive before starting my first post. Like some, I was lurking around, reading and gaining advice from what all are sharing on this wonderful forum.
I am 45, overweight, have some moobs and have a lot of fat but, I am now on a strict low carb, high fat and protein diet to lose weight. Having moobs for many years already, I always was craving to have firmer B-cup boobs. Pharma HRT is not on the table, for now.
As I was reading all the advices I ordered some herbs and a Noogleberry. I was ordering as I was reading through the forum so, whilst some were having success with Fenugreek, I ordered Fenugreek. Success with this, I ordered this. Success with that, I ordered that…
So, what do I have in my arsenal:
Fenugreek caps 610mg = 1000 caps
Saw Palmetto caps 450mg = 400 caps
White Peony caps 500mg = 120 caps
Spearmint caps 400mg = 120 caps
Pueraria Mirifica caps 500mg = 200 caps
Ovarian Grandular caps 250mg = 240 caps
I am aware that each person has different results with different herbs and also, I know it takes time. After reading a lot also concluded that WP is better than SP. Not wanting to waist money and herbs, I would like your advice on where to start, with what first and how to go about it?

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Start here: 

if i may ,the list you have of things on hand

Pueraria Mirifica caps 500mg = 200 caps
Ovarian Grandular caps 250mg = 240 caps

as long as you dont mix them together pm is known to allow better performance down below

b.o. i can account for first hand after i have been on 10 months performance below is harder ,but is my preference

at ether option you can expect it will take years to get to a major result ( i started on bo in 8-2018 and in 2-2019 i could start to feel and see changes ) ,keep pictures as a time line for your self ,this may  give you the confirmation you need to see changes

those other herbs i dare say you would need to take a lethal amount to see effects
That's a lot of stuff to take and likely too much for one's system.

Focus on a few things. 

Of what you mentioned, Noogle, PM and fenugreek sound good.

And if doing PM via capsules, perhaps try fenugreek by liquid extract topically.

One's system and liver can only process so much. Personally, I would not take all those different supplements at once for any purpose.

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