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Orchi Discussion
Orchi Discussion
OMG Julie trembles,
Had the most amazing discussion with beautiful wife last night and I told her everything , and I mean everything and even the super HOT 3 Fantasies and inc castration.
Nothing was held back and I mean zilch and I was only supposed to discuss in my mind anyway Fantasy 1,
This was done to demonstrate the enormous flips and swings I am having as the last 3 weeks have been HELL,
Anyway thankfully the larger doses of e has clamed her down as of yesterday, but blockers are now here just in case
When I told her about fantasy 1 ,s he was wide eyed, and oooh yes could do that, fant 2 and 3 were even wider eyed,
She was shocked at the hell Im going through and said good gosh those erections can vanish tomorrow if it gives you peace of mind, either orchi or blockers, we can cope in other ways,
Typical Bigender Julie, now all cool, said um its ok I quite like erections , there getting harder but still around and we went upstairs to demonstrate, lol
A delight to read
you ought to have seen her wide eyes when I told her

fant 2 and 3

she could not believe it ?

she said well you must be gay or a woman in there,


My answer was no Im not gay have asked and checked on that one, but

Julie yes when dressed and swiched to female lead, must be bisexual but lesbian mostly

This is one confusing world


Glad to hear your not going gelding on us yet! Big Grin 

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