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Well, recently went to Spain - gran canaria, and called into a couple of pharmacies. I'm currently using Evorel 50 patches - UK cost around £15 to £16 per pack of eight patches delivered. Every pharmacy of the three I visited although had none in stock could order the same for same day delivery for roughly £6.50 - and available in 25,50,75 and 100 at the same price, all straight over the counter - no questions asked.  I was informed there were only 6 patches per box instead of eight, but still exceptional value, so ordered three box's of 100. Picked them up later that day, and when eventually opened there was eight patches inside anyway. Packaging exactly the same, the only difference was the "lead" language was Spanish. A huge difference between UK and EU/Spanish prices and far less hassle. Limited it to three packages as a reasonable amount to be taking through customs should I be stopped and searched at the airport. Wish if bought more now though ! Would be cheaper to import than buy over here I suspect if I can find a Spanish supply ! I need another holiday - in two months time Wink
Very interesting 
There are no import restrictions within Europe.

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