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Bras help growing?
Would a particular brand help promote growth? Was wondering if a shelf bra has been tried?
There is a lot of literature about this on the interweb. The short answer is: no. Bras do not promote growth.
Some say that a bra can guide growth as it happens, and improve the shape, but it doesn't promote growth itself. (And even the guiding/shaping theory is not proven).

Some people have reported that a "vibrating bra" exists and can indeed promote growth. Given that massage and increased blood flow have this effect, then maybe a vibrating bra might actually give a hand in some way.
Well, there is a lot of conflicting discussion on this topic, but I tend to believe that wearing a well fitting bra can help shape a growing breast. For instance, I would suggest wearing one after a short resting period following a Noogling session. I like an underwire bra with a wide band and plenty of banding under the breast. Such bras are not as common as they once were, but you can still fine "long line" bras and others that fit that spec.

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