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How many knows your female name ?
I guess I haven't really thought about it much . But my real name is rather androngonis any how .
(18-02-2019, 04:55 PM)evy71 Wrote: I am a curious about the fact that there are so many lurkers,who are interested to get breasts ,( looking to the  member list) and only  
20 to 30 real  people who are active on this site. 
But first of all a learned a lot and  i know now that i am not the only one with these feelings.
Love Evy

They are no so much lurkers as it might appear, many are members that just read the posts, and dont login unless they have something to say or need to login to get at a members only post.
Only my wife knows. She gave it to me but never uses it.
(16-02-2019, 01:09 AM)shaneny Wrote: There's a few who know, I don't mention it too often, haven't in any posts. 


Jenn is a very pretty name !

Two more
Son and daughter 

Besides online contacts, only my wife, therapist and Dr's at Planned Parenthood.
Just my online friends and contacts.     I only chose it for myself very recently.
Literally 1000`s! they just don`t know my deadname, or even that I have a deadname! Wink

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