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Optimal dose for PM
Hello Im a man who want's a big soft boobs. I bought Pueraria Mirifica 2500 mg from Rise Supplements. In the bottle is write 2500 mg : (250 mg extract 10:1.) How dose I need ? I weight 286 pounds now and I'm 42B now. I dream about big C or D cup My mother has DD/E. I take 3 x day Saw palmetto 320 mg-960 mg/day and Cimcifuga racemosa. How tablets PM should I take per day ? Greetins Smile
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Extracts are always tricky because they never act as strong as the pure PM but it's easy to overdose on them. I fell into the trap of taking too much extracts and I got ill for 2 weeks in the past.
With a 10:1 concentration I would suggest you only take 1 pill per day, which should be the equivalent of 2500 mg, that is a high dose if it was pure powder. Considering that you are also taking other herbs to lower your T, one pill of PM should definitely be enough.

One word of advice: at 42 band you are a "big boy". PM will not give you DD overnight, and for chubby chests it will look like growth is very slow. It's not. The fact is that you'll need more tissue to reach a B cup than a thin person with a 34 band will need to have a C cup. Take it easy and don't up the dosage or you might compromise your health.
Thanks for the answer  :Smile  Maybe Should I  increase dose saw Palmetto from 960mg to 1200 mg - 1 caps for 5 hour ? I want eliminate DHT. I smoke 10 cigarettes a Day and sometimes like drink Hops beers (crafted). It's influence for PM ? In what time PM starts working after taking pill. 1 hour or later ?I read in forum that for better effect I should take a calcium. How dose ? 1 pill calcium per day or more ?

My plan is 3-4 x Saw palmetto a day (320 mg standarized extract in 1 pill)
3 x Cimcifuga racemosa (Remifemin)
1x 2500 mg PM
Sounds good ? When I will see first changes and side effects ?
You really have to work out dosages for yourself because everyone reacts differently and nobody knows the effect that different combinations have on different bodies.
Having said that, the equivalent of 4 x 500mg PM powder is the maximum I would suggest until you are sure how your body is tolerating it, and you really ought to start on only 1 or 2 x500mg and work up from there.
If you take too much, too quickly, you are likely to end up with blinding headaches from hell that no painkillers can control, so go slowly and steadily.
It does NOT start to show results in just an hour or two,  it could take up to 3 months to get the start of budding, although some are lucky and get slightly quicker results, but it is not an instant fix. Genetic girls takes several years to fully develop and there is no way we can do it faster!
I agree with Pansy-Mae. And that's why I say that extracts are weird. Nobody would suggest to take 2500 mg of PM from day one, but they sell 250mg 10:1 that would be its equivalent. Since they don't want to kill people (probably) I can only assume that they realise that the concentrate is weaker than the original.
How much weaker is a mystery that has been long debated. Still, I wouldn't take more than one 250 mg 10:1 per day.

P.s. No idea about dosage of the other herbs. For me PM worked by itself.
For example, a more effective dose is to divide the dose (capsule) into 2 parts and take it every 4 hours or rather not. Maybe somebody mix the PM with Cimcifuga Racemosa ? It works that estrogens are stronger
I would sugest stopping the palemetto and taking white peony instead.


As well as being an awesome T blocker, it also converts T to E.
NEVER increase all of your dosages while starting a new herb.  You really don't know how YOUR body could react.

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