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Getting started - Test results
I’m getting started and wanted to see what the right direction might be for me based on everyone’s experince. I’m doing this without a doctor but I want to do this from a scientific basis.  I ordered a hormone blood test and got the following results (partial)

Testosterone serum 343 (normal range 264-916) so it looks like I’m already on the low end

Estradiol 32.2 (normal range 7.6-42.6) so I’m on the high end

LH and FSH serum were marked as high are almost double the high end of the normal range.

Can anyone help me interpret these results and see what the best course might be?  Like many, my goal is covert changes with breasts and a subtle feminine changes that most wont notice. My plan is BO with Red Maca.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

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