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Eleonora introducing herself
Hi, in puberty I had gynecomastia. I was  very ashamed of my boobs in school and public places, but inside I adore them and want to them to be bigger. Never do anything about it, but that is changed. I want to have the biggest breast possible Smile

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Hi Eleonora
I think you are already there!
Hi and thank You, but I even not started yed Smile
surprised Bobby never asked you , but many of us on here would like love to see those charms naked ?


I appreciate your needing to gwow large endowments. I want to also.  How do you present yourself?  When I present as male it is hard to hide but I wear 2 shirts.  I get called mam and miss and have been noticed.
I agree with Julie, those are to die for,  I would be so lucky to have them. And you haven't even started, hope you meet your goals.
Wow!  Not trying to play the skeptic here, but if that is just from gyno, you are certainly blessed and obviously have a body that is well-designed and especially sensitive with estrogen receptors!  

Just curious, have you been taking anything or doing any specific exercises since you made the decision that you wanted to develop the gifts you already have?  I think most of us here would love to have what you have been bestowed with without trying!
Even half would be good, breath taking shape
Hi all and thank You all for liking my shape :Smile but it is probably just good photo angle. It is maybe bigger than normal man-boobs, but I want to be really, and i mean REALY be much much bigger. At monday i will see my doctor and hopefully start HRT.

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Those are breathtaking from any angle. You wouldn’t be able to get me out of the shower in the morning. I’d have to run out of soap first.

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