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BO not at Swansons (US)?
Not to alarm anyone here, but after reading about BO I decided to check the website (the SV.com, why'd I go there?? I'm Auztralian!!  Rolleyes  Blush ) and maybe order a bottle, just for the future (if I'm not happy with PM results). Anyway, after chatting with the help people, they are no longer selling the Raw Ovarian Glandulars!! (90% of BN members: EEEEEEEK!!) Then I checked and found they have an Auzi website, and happily ordered a bottle from there, after chatting with those help people they said they have no plans to discontinue it! Phew! I ordered it on 27/12 and got it on 3/1, so 7 day delivery is pretty good I reckon! Maybe it'll be faster in future not being Xmas madness anymore, standard letters/postcards usually only take a 2-3 days to deliver anyway, even from state to state e.g Perth to Sydney. And if you do decide to order from swansonaustralia.com, maybe you can take advantage of the exchange rates; our AU$ is only worth 0.69 cents US these days, lowest it's been in like 3 years I think!!

Just thought you all should know!

Happy booby growing!!


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