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HcG and Breast/ Nipple Growth
Hi there,

I've been doing some reason and it appears that HcG plays a role in hasty breast development. Does anyone have any additional information on this? Could this be an alternative to PM? Any information would be helpful, thanks!
Only when pregnant is my understanding, how would one increase that? Hmmm I think I would not..
In biological males it will raise testosterone (by acting as LH, it is an almost identical structure) and will also raise estrogen. It's used by bodybuilders to keep their testes responsive to LH when they come off steroid cycles so that they can recover natural testosterone levels.

I'm actually interested in it because I think it could keep your boy bits working while you're on an "estrogen cycle", and I think that with enough PM or HRT you could have breast growth and feminization while retaining male function by virtue of still being estrogen dominant. I do wonder if they do this in the adult industry.

No idea if it works of course! It does seem like it would be very hard to balance 2 opposing factors like testosterone and estrogen but the idea is interesting to me...
How would one obtain HcG?
YMMV but it is probably not readily available *legally*. Anywhere that sells steroids domestically in your country should have it. Keep in mind this is an injectable peptide product which has to be reconstituted with sterile water, injections must be done with sterile technique. This product will have a shelf life of weeks to about a month with sterile water. If you are too afraid of needles, forget about it. PM me if you need information.

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