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Eating Popcorn Increases Breast Tissue?

I'm still stumped, unless...

Eating popcorn made with coconut oil did this...???


For like a month or so before November happened, I popped and ate popcorn made with coconut oil at home like two or three times - and I don't make small portions while doing so...

Dude, I'm serious... I have no idea why this happened. If this happened with my right boob it would have been more tolerable...

It doesn't seem to be getting bigger now, but it still pokes out more than it used to with my compression shirts I wear for work. I bought some newer compression shirts and I can still feel the tissue being compressed more than what it did before all this happened - which was never. On Dec. 16 I actually couldn't wait to take off my compression shirt when I got home, it was starting to feel uncomfortable wearing it for 8+ hours at work.
hi i am noticing something similar , im on my 20 st week of BO and have been shaving my chest for months now but lately while using a small  nippile suction device i found need for lotion to keep from drying out there after , so i started using what was on hand "Jergans hydrating coconut" lotion , started noticing a ache that may be related to my suction device or the use of this product

[Image: GUEST_118e03d9-02cc-4e7b-b37a-627c9c505b...&fmt=pjpeg]

so doing a search there is much about coconuts being helpful for us to grow breast , check it out

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