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My Noogleberry Experiences
I purchased a Noogleberry in late 2017, buying the XL and XXL cups. My right boob has been smaller since the beginning, so I focused all energy on that one. The first time I pumped with the XL cups with lotion, I actually went to the top and held the suction as best I could (my chest hair would cause air leaks). After about 30 minutes, I actually struggled to take it off. The result was exciting and terrifying at the same time. It was the first time my right boob was bigger than my left - but it won't be permanent, will it? I'm not ready... Two pleasurable weeks later, the swelling went down to being my regular size. But my areola got a little bigger and my nipple was pulled out. I still remember when I took a shower after this first session, I was like, "No, you can't be too big nipple," so I actually pressed it back in, thinking it would do something.

I never had the intention for permanent enlargement, it was just for making pleasure-time more...pleasurable.

Unfortunately, my nipple lost some sensitivity. It doesn't become as usually sensitive until it's erect and wearing a bra prevents it from getting erect as easily before... So I bought nipple covers.

I used the NB system for a total of 4 legitimate times... That means that I either used the XL or XXL cups. All the subsequent times I also tried to hit the "bullseye" and the only way I was able to do that was to lie down on my bed and shift by boob up into the cup, rather than just placing it directly on top. That worked much better. I later bought the L cups and realized I probably should have used that first - I could easily hit the bullseye and even get the nipple above the opening...

The first time I used the XXL cup was beyond great. I noogled for 15 minutes, hoping the swelling won't last two weeks, and the results were great. My nipple was SO DAMN PLEASURABLE. When I took off the cover, I think I jerked off 4, 5, maybe 6 times over the course of two/three hours... It was awesome filling a D cup bra - even if was only the right boob that did. The swelling went down after four days.

But there were to bad experiences that I had.

I it was either the second time was when I used the XXL cup, I wanted to get the outside of the boob some love, so I placed it more towards the armpit. I was able to fill it up the cup to a little over half way, but it took a long time for the "fluid" in my boob to leave. After the swelling went down, it still looked like I had something left in there. Also, I began having pain in my armpit area. What I did was massage it and the pain went away, and the fluid left.

Then the last time I used the XXL cup, when I layed on my back and noogled I got a huge pain on the boob, where I have my pinky extended. And dummy me thought, keep going, so I did. The pain lasted the whole time, 15 minutes. But when I finished the session, the pain went away...    

But now this leads to November 2018, where my left boob is magically starting to get bigger with no assists from anything...

I'm starting to feel that pain again, off and on, in my right boob     and I also get sensations that I have "fluid" blockage in my armpit area again from time to time.    

Did I screw up? Kinda wish I never used the NB, considering I might not ever needed it in the first place???

There has been a lot of discussion lately over at the Nexus site about pinched nerves in the armpit area, pain, and long periods of numbness.
The current rule of thumb is to Noogle but keep the cups away from the armpit as much as possible, and the ild rule,
If it feels good do it, if it dont... stop.
In the mean time it sounds like you have some lymphatic blockage.
I'd focus on Deer and Chi massage, and do a google search on Lymphatic massage.
I think I do have a lymphatic blockage. It can be uncomfortable when I'm laying on my right side, but never did before since I usually sleep on my right side. There's roughly a 4-inch patch, just below the armpit, that seems to give this uncomfortable feeling... THAT'S unfortunate. Any clues on how to find a massage to fix it? And I have been doing Deer and Chi massages since early 2018. I eventually quit the Chi massage (2x daily) in August or September because I made little, to no, progress and it was making me lose sleep. I usually only did Deer on my days off. I did restart the massages in December...
Just yesterday I found some red blotches down my right side. And by the way it feels, it seems to be in the area where I noogled too close to the armpit.


So should I seek a doctor? What kind of specialist?

Edit: Actually... The area is a little higher, right by the bottom of my pit hair... I remember when I used the XXL cup, I had to force my arm to my side to help create the vacuum and get the effect. I had to have messed with the lymph nodes there... It is right there were the most of the discomfort begins and to those blotches is where it ends.

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