Nipple stretching


(02-01-2019, 10:21 PM)valerie anne Wrote:  Do you perhaps have a picture or link to these Supple Nips?

They're very simple little things, basically just soft silicon suction cups. I think they were inspired by people using snake bite kits for the same purpose, but Supple Nips/Cups are probably the best product on the market for this purpose.

They used to have a wide selection at they're own website, but they sort of genericized the product line and are now sold different places. The last pairs I bought were through Amazon. They're price is higher, but with "free shipping", I think it's a dollar or so less that way:

I give myself a 20 minute breast massage every morning using coconut oil. Then I apply Supplenips, and then my Noogleberry domes for an hour. Then later in the day another hour long Noogleberry session without the Supplenips. My nipples have grown and  have been permanently erect for a year or so.

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