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Anecdotes on my continuing development
The subtle changes must be adding up. It started with clear then a subtle sheer tint for my nails along with a light tint on my lips. I'm letting my hair grow out too. Last month while my wife was finishing her eye brows she laughed because I was watching her and asked if that was next for me. I laughed saying my brows were not that full and she said that was true they were only half. Anyway I decided to try out a subtle filling in my brows. It was over a week before my wife noticed so happily that is now part of my routine.
As far as being subtle adds up... as far as my perception and my wife's I continue to present as male. I suppose a slightly androgynous male at that. However in this past week while out with my wife I was addressed by 2 shopkeepers as "young lady" and while in a restaurant the waitress addressed my wife and I as ladies asking if we needed more coffee.  Wow☺. Other than that my wife noticed a new bra I was wearing and asked me if it felt better wearing it because it supports my breast rather than jiggling and also smooths me out. We both agreed this was true.
I got caught off guard this afternoon. I was outside taking some selfies when my 14 year old daughter came out and saw me. She asked me why I was taking pictures and I stammered for an answer. She then asked if I was taking them to record my progress. Again I stammered but then thought maybe she was referring to the workouts I have been doing. I did not inquire. Maybe in her mind she accurately assumed it was my feminization progress I was documenting. Life is an adventure.

I had another 1st a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I were makeup shopping together. Very cool.

Well that is it.
Just another funny moment. I dropped my wife off at work yesterday as usual on the way she is touching up her lips etc. As always we kissed goodbye and I told her I loved it. She laughed asking me if it was the lipstick I loved. I laughed telling her I loved her more. She smiled blew me another kiss shaking her head saying "My husband..."
It really was a funny moment.?
Nice! Smile

I love those little moments.
They provide validation and, at the same time, acceptance.

(01-07-2019, 10:37 PM)Shirazmn Wrote: Nice! Smile

I love those little moments.
They provide validation and, at the same time, acceptance.


Thanks Shirazmn
Yes you put words to what is going on. My wife more and more tells me I am her "little baby girl" which is so sweet. Another moment yesterday. Went shopping with the family (wife and daughter). At Ulta and Olive Garden we were addressed as ladies. While shopping my wife was looking at panties. I noticed some nice thongs  which I need for when I wear my leggings and jeggings. My wife encouraged me to get them as men's thongs are hard to find. So very cool! With my wife's understanding I have my first panties Big Grin. That is how it has been with the rest of my clothes. I have camis and bras because I have breasts. Women's shirts, jeans and shoes along with fitting better also look better than male attire. For this I am happy and my wife is so happy because I am happy and she really thinks I look cute. Life is good.
1st haircut!
After letting my hair grow out in the last few months I went to an actual salon to get my hair done. For the first time I was real upfront on what I was looking for. The stylist asked alot of questions and provided great suggestions. I told her my thinking was to have somewhat a pixie cut. She said that was exactly what she was thinking too. She asked if I had any pictures of styles I liked. I pulled out my phone and showed her my Google search of womens' pixie and showed her cuts I thought would look good. Well... An hour later I walked out with a cute pixie style. Great stylist and what a fun time exploring styles, chatting, laughing and getting pampered.  Another milestone!
Each little step in openess makes the following steps so much easier. Now no more problems going to the salon and worki g with the stylist to get the look I am looking for.
Another interesting happening. Sunday at church after services we were walking out when a woman came up to my wife and I asking if we were mother and daughter or partners. I was somewhat speechless but told her we were partners since we certainly are. She then told us how nice it was that we were at services and how her daughter also lived with her partner. She asked if we were married and again I said yes. Pointing out our daughter who was standing by our side. She mentioned she saw my wife and I at services a few times before which is true since she actually sat next to me a couple of times. I was amazed as my attire was just normal. I had a nice sweatshirt on with ponte knit leggings and matching cute shoes. Nothing that feminine. Well anyway when we left walking to the car my wife and I busted out laughing. Our daughter was not so amused.
I am still amazed!

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