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BO Half Off!
(05-12-2018, 07:28 PM)Pandora56 Wrote:
(03-12-2018, 11:41 PM)kanati Wrote: Sorry.   I think I broke Swanson a while back.   They used to have some INSANE deals on BO.  I picked it up a couple of times for 2.79 per bottle.   Ordered 50 bottles that time it was on sale.  And never saw it that cheap again.  Caught them one other time at 3.29 per bottle and ordered another 20.  But they've never had anything close to that since then.  

I may have screwed it up for everyone.   Big Grin

LOL, now when they have crazy deals you can only purchase a certain amount, I wonder if that's why.

Probably.  They didn't seem too pleased when I ordered that many the second time.  Big Grin

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