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Hello there
Hello all, 

I just subscribed to this forum, and wanted to thank all the people who make it work. 
It is a big source of informations, that I found nowhere else... Specially here in France, when you talk about phyto œstrogens and self médication, people laugh at your face saying it doesn't work. And if you are not in a transition, you are considered as a pervert or insane...
As I don't know where I am going yet, I don't want to be classified into a category, and I like the fact that members here can speak freely without being judged or categorized.

So, I am Julie, 37, single and I live in north of France. I am a transvestite, and I regularly dress and make up as a girl. It took me quite a while to assume that feminine part of myself (always thought about it but only started at 32 yr old).
About one year ago I started taking PM to try feminizing my body a bit more. My skin had started becoming softer and my hair stopped falling down, which was a good thing. But I stopped after one month because I got scared of doing non reversible things. 
Now I have been thinking a lot, and I do really want to try and make a more feminine body. I will start slowly, step by step, and keep the option to stop.
So I started taking 2x500mg PM per day, and I'm looking forward to get some results ! 

Oh, and sorry if my writing is not perfect  Blush

Bon Jour cheri,
Welcome to the club!
Thanks for joining, I had just mentioned that most of the 'older' members had solved their confusion and have gone off to live their lives, and we need some new blood to liven things up.
There is a lot of help here  and a lot of good people to give you support.
As you probably know, there is no one answer to growing breasts or mastering the feminine side. It will take a lot of work and patience on your part, but when your stuck just ask!

So tell us more about you and where you think yo may be heading.
Hallo and welcome,
Please keep us updated on your progress. Photos and a measurement log are a good idea for yourself to check on progress, even if you don't put them on here ( although we would love it if you did Big Grin )

Your avatar picture looks beautiful, by the way.
Hello Julie and welcome to the forum.
2x500 mg sounds like a great dosage to start the journey while holding the handbrake for safety.
I wish you all the good luck with your growth! Keep us posted! (I"m a 39 years old CD so I am in a similar position to you).
Hello Bobbi, pansy mae and shirazmn, and thanks for welcoming me ! I'm glad to be part of the new blood  Smile

More about me ? Ok, if you understand french, you can have a look there :

If you don't, I shall tell a bit more. I started wondering about my gender at the age of 13-14. I was a shy boy (and still am) , and felt guilty for being attracted by feminine stuff. There was no internet at that time, so I had no advice / knowledge from other transgenders, though I would have needed it. So I tried to pull that off my mind for years and years, but it always came back, and it came back stronger every time.
Finally I found a french forum for transvestites, on which I discovered the magic of makeup and met very interesting persons. Luckily I have large eyes and a thin nose which are not too hard to feminize. So I started a "New" life as transgender, and made a coming out to all my friends and my parents. I felt so much better than the previous years when I was depressed. It was heady... 
Now I feel like I have reached the limits of transvestite, and I want to go a bit further. But I am still not sure to transition one day, because I think I'm too tall to look like a genetic girl (1m92 / 6.3ft).
So the idea now would be to grow a minimal breast, to check if I can deal with it, and draw a better hip / butt line to make my dresses look better  Wink
Julie, welcome and may your journey be as you want it. I'm almost 70 and have for the past 3 years worked hard to get a 38C and my goal is 38DD. This site has helped to the nth degree with my decisions as to growing my breasts. In my opinion you have already been welcomed by the best.

Best wishes
Bonsoir Mademoiselle!

I wish you all of the happiness and inner peace you deserve. I'm new here and was a lurker for a long time, but I've found the group here to be extremely supportive and helpful.
Hi Julie and welcome

The sea is full of wonderous fishes of all tastes, colours and type and our world is very much a sea
You can change, colour, shape, size and even be a mermaid 

You can swim to shore, stop on shore, come back to the sea,

It’s your swim, always do what makes you happy,

You do not have to do or be anything,

You can just be you



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