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Week #9 experiencing a swollen facial areas
So now it's been of taking the bovine glandular supplement I returned back to the Thousand mg in the morning and another thousand in the late afternoon ,last Sunday of this week woke up from an afternoon nap my left eye lid was swollen and sore, wanted to see if it went away on its own here it is now Friday the swelling has moved to different areas around my left eye and now into my cheek I also had but not now a point right at the back of my jaw that was very sore I would only protrude out during the day and was never an issue to eat it is now dispensed to barely hurting but yet I still have swelling in my left side of my face and it seems to be getting worse looking at going to the doctor I'm sure I'll get antibiotics I don't even know if this is related to the bo, but has anyone experienced experienced a conflict with antibiotics and Bo, my eyeball may of gotten infected the day before but did not know it, I would not think that I got a bad batch of the Swansons Bo this related to who knows what

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