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Why are you hoping/trying to grow breasts?
In that case, ... ahem. 

Oh where to start......67 years old and as far back as I can possibly even remember, would go to bed at night hoping,praying I would wake up with breasts,wake up a girl,alas that has never happened....gyno kicked in in teens,could not go to the pool without a tshirt on..very self conscious...at this stage of life have a good b cup going on,large sensitive nips,can wear a b cup and a few c cups...over the years since divorce have tried sup after sup trying to enlarge them,and slowly traveling further and further down that proverbial rabbit hole....then there are some lucid moments where I am happy to be male...year ago started loosing weight and to date have lost approx 70lbs...but NOT the chest....still can wear the same size bras.......It just feels so normal when I am wearing, and am wearing more and more...so male,female,gyno,breasts I have wished for, who the hell knows......and not sure where the journey will go next.....month ago ordered estrodot patches....5 days on then threw them away,wondering WTF am i doing...maybe you can all help me sort it out........
If your 67 and divorced I would say carry on with those extradot patches

1 life, your life, live it

Stuff the rest 


(29-08-2018, 06:37 AM)julieTG Wrote: If your 67 and divorced I would say carry on with those extradot patches

1 life, your life, live it

Stuff the rest 



Agreed 100%
"Why are you hoping and/or trying to grow breasts?"

I have an inverse answer, since I'm specifically not trying to.

I initially began heading down that path.  It seemed natural enough, since breasts are about the most obvious and prominent marker of femininity. But, I forestalled the act of actually growing them by regularly wearing a bra with push up inserts for a couple of years, to get used to the idea.

More and more, body hair, belly fat, thick waist, hairy legs and chest, short-cropped hair and obviously male facial structure totally spoiled for me the whole notion of having boobs!  So I abandoned that idea.

The truer expression of my own two-spiritedness has become a hairless smooth body, long wavy blonde hair past shoulders, 29 inch waist on a 6 ft. frame, and a bodybuilding program targeting lower body development to approximate female form.  Boobage has become superfluous to me, with a new form that more than compensates for their absence.  I may find that I want them, at a later date, but find that my current expression is much closer to inner nature.
I have always admired the female form. Especially when it came to boobs.  At the tender age of 67, when my granddaughter ask when could she get her first bra, I explained that if she took a pencil and placed it under her boob and the pencil did not fall, it was time for a bra. At this point she pointed out that I might want to do a pencil test. The pencil did not fall so I needed a bra. 

I can not recall when I started thinking about trying to grow my own boobs, did a lot of reading and found that it was possible, so for my own reasons, I decided that we (as in me) would try.

I'm happy to say that, they grew from A's to C's in just over 2 years, my goal is for D or DD, I will Noogle, drink protein shakes, and take PM.

That's how it all started.

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