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Hello , new here have some questions
Been a while since I posted any updates, fast approaching on my 12th week using Bo, noticing still having erections but not able to feel enough to fully have a release of an orgasm , also noticing definition in breast above the pectoral muscle and with that I would have thought my growth would have stayed at the nipple and expanded from their butt as I expected or wondered having a low T for many years my breasts are developing now in a much wider fashion, have noticed for my wife that increased acne on my back which is the side effect of BO it's nothing too severe for me, still having many times we're crying is easy to do in certain situations , funny I had a comment today at work was helping myself to a couple of donuts out of the donut box where they secretary a very voluptuous large breasted she said that I should take one to another lady who sometimes likes to have a donut in the morning well I commented to carry that the other lady Martha had already had a bagel and being that she is 63 years old and quite small frames that she is not a large eater I suggested or started to suggest that she probably would not want a donut but carry jump to the conclusion that I was trying to say the Martha would not need to add weight to her small frame quite the contrary I would love to have and let Martha know her figure is wonderful for her age anyways I like Carrie assume that I was just being a man as she put it as she is very self-conscious of her semi thick figure

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