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My intro
Hi and here is my intro.
I'm a guy just past 50 and I have been dressing and crossdressing since I was about 15.
Unfortunately the good lord couldn't find body that would fit my gender.....
So he gave me a rather big body (thx alot... Dodgy )
I guess I always wanted breasts, but not transistion, but never had the courage to take the jump.

But the last year or so the urge to grow breasts has become more in my mind.
I live with my girlfriend, and has not found a way to tell her yet -(more of that later)

So 3 months ago I had 4! discus prolaps in my neck, and in order to relief my pain
The doctor ordered Gabapentin, which have the side effect of breast enlargement.
So I thought I'd start up on PM, which I just heard of 8 weeks ago.
I ordered the 500mg from Bioeva, and started with 2 capsules a day. and 1 SP.
Then after 5 weeks I went up to 3PM a day plus mild pumping, which I had to stop this weekend due to breasts
and nipples being very sore. My nipples are now erect constantly 24/7, and I seem to have a little lump under them. It also seems like 
my breasts is starting to round up just a micro bulge under where my pecs usually stop.
Has anyone had that??
I do not know if it is the combination of gabapentin and PM, but its giving those butterflies in the stomach.
I was not expecting anything to happen at this speed, and mayby its just a temporary thing??
My girlfriend is very understanding, she's sure its the side effect from the Gaba... and says its no problem if I can live with it... Rolleyes

Later on I will have to take the difficult conversation with her if growth continues, but until now I wait to see
if my progress is just temporary, or will continue after I stop the Gaba...

Anyway its great to see that I'm not the only one in the whole world having the same wishes and issues as me, 
and you can all be sure that I will steal all of your good advies and experiences and use all of it for my own progress...HEHE
Hope to post pics of my progress if it continues, and to get lots of contacts and conversations with everybody feeling like it in here.

Hi to you all <3

P.S. Sorry if my english is not so good, its not my native language...
Welcome to the Forum..

On on hand, 
You may be supprised on how long you can put off telling your girlfriend, lots of guys have moobs..

On the other hand,
If you intentionally try to grow breasts behind her back, then tell her 1 or 2 years down the road then chances are she is not going to be a happy camper.

If the growth is simply a consequence of the medication you have to take, i suspect she will be more understanding.
Well I hope so. I will of course wait, until growth either stops - or they grow so large (a little xmas wish) I can't hide them anymore. So Time will tell. 
But anyway - I took the decision, because I wanted to feel what it felt like to have breasts, before I get too old, or some sickness get the better of me.
I tried breast forms but there is no feeling in them, and I expect real breasts to feel quite different.
But thanx for writing, and thanx for the good advice.

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