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Clothes ..
Oh .. Shopping for clothes is not an issue,  If its a local store I look for items I like, take them
home and try them on. Then return if necessary.
If i am not shopping locally, then I will go into the female change room and try them on.
Although I am still presenting at work as "him", you are more likely to find me shopping as myself, thats even grocery shopping.
Tomorrow will be a first for me, i have a hostpital appointment for the results of my sleep lab ( a requirement for GCS ). I have some grocery shopping to do, take the car in for a new windsheild, and have a chiropractors appointment late in the afternoon, all as myself.

I think I need to think about making more closet space..

BTW, wife is still not on board. The spare bedroom is finished, just waiting for me to grow a set of balls and make the jump.
Haven't shopped for women's clothes too many times over the past while, but have to say/recall that virtually every time doing so made others smile.

Never really thought about it, but I take that as a good sign regarding general receptiveness/openness...even if one's partner (not partnered myself) isn't similarly so.

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