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Is Vasoline a real method for increase breast size?
It's best to take everything you run across on the Internet with a grain of salt and do some additional research. Vasoline is made from crude oil just like automobile lubricants and gasoline. We know that a certain amount of anything you rub on your skin is absorbed by the skin and enters the system. My dad used to wash his oily hands in gasoline after working on the car. He ended up dying at a not-too-old age of lymphoma, which could easily have been related to this.

I would suggest trying coconut oil first. Many NBE enthusiasts use it and like it. I use it to lubricate before doing breast suction and it lubricates at least as well as Vasoline. If you refrigerate it, it even thickens kind of like Vasoline (though it turns white in color). I just keep some in a small no-drip honey bottle in liquid form, though.
(06-06-2018, 04:38 AM)Saffi_T Wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ7m8KXmHaM

and don't forget (if this is the one I saw as well) to rub the toothpaste on yer nipples!!

No sweetie, this is a scam. The first rule, never put anything on your skin you would not put in your mouth!!! The skin is the largest organ of the body and will absorb from its environment, so getting poison on you is NEVER a good thing. It also works the other way, you can transpire things from inside to outside.  "Sweating out"  ect...   Some folks wont mind hurting you to make a buck....just use your common sense and investigate more deeply those things that interest you...Like u did here  ^_^   Big Grin

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