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Your strength drops off quite significantly on HRT. I can no longer beat my wife when we are playing around, she now has 50lb on me and can pin me down.

Luckily at work, the guy that works with me on days knows my " limitations " and always helps when he sees me struggling. ( keep in mind, i still work in male mode )

Just to be clear 

I only had lack of strength while  I was ill so it sparked my post

Now I am better I have full strength , but being weak while Ill just made me wonder

For a guy I am phenomenally strong so even if I transitioned as a woman, I bet I Would still be stronger than most men


I recently started a container garden. I took twelve 55 gallon drums that I cut in half, to have twenty four 25 gallon “pots”. I drilled 30 holes in each one. That’s 720 holes. My wrist was killing me for a week. I filled each one with 200 lbs of rocks, potting soil, compost, peat moss & sand. That’s almost 5,000 lbs of material that I moved a total of six times. Shelf to cart to truck to cart to site to mix. It took me a week to do all this, and it about ******* killed me. It could be that I’m 55 y/o, or it could be the PM. I “try” to stay physically active, but the loss of strength I’ve experienced bugs me. I don’t sweat it, as I enjoy the other aspects, but when I set out to do something, I don’t like having two weeks of pure & utter exhaustion that accompanies my projects. Outside of a 22 mile mountain hike I did in Hawaii in my late 20’s, this about ******* killed me. But! the veggies are abundantly growing right now, and they’re soooo delicious.

OK, well this has been interesting read.  Daa wait until your 75!  This 2020 has been good in some respects. Last year I had a lower back nerve pinch it had been building for several years.  It got really bad down my right thigh I lost about 15%+ muscle mass.

At 75 I have low T and with blood pressure meds I am still here but at a cost.  It use to really depress me to realize what I have lost.  Wasted a lot of time feeling sorry for myself.

And then final panic MOOB's showed up Shy" alt="Shy" title="Shy">

Did some research and found I could turn moob's into boob's/breasts.  Always loved breasts now i can grow my own.

New on PM but I really like how peaceful I feel.


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