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Hi there. o7
Hi There

Not Real Name: Hikowa Dean
Age: 25
Gender: Male 

Not quite sure where to start.

Currently planning on transistioning to Female ( waiting to see Gender theripest to confirm i have Gender Dysphoria.)
Been wanting to traction from April/May 2016
do wear some female clothing

currently taking some supplements (there are times when i dont take them)
Purifier Mafica (or how ever you spell it)
Saw Paletto
More Bust
Booty Pop

thin frame body weight

also thinking of doing protein shakes to gain some weight. also kinda waiting for a slow metabolism from the transitioning

was thinking about taking a couple of other bits to maybe do the macronia thing. might send the stuff to my friend first since she want to do it.

Sorry kinda have no idea what to type.
Welcome th the club H_D.   I would suggest you look over the many Herbal as well as the Hormone threads they have loads of good information in them.

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