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Different Breast Size Advice
I posted this in another area on hormones, and though I might seek advice from males staying male.

I have been cycling estradiol from my doctor for about the last year and a half for breast growth.  I take 2 mg/day and do about 2 months on and 2 months off.

So far, I have been very pleased with the results and almost no other effects. I am not transitioning.

The last round, I called my doctor and said that I didn't feel the usual signs after a couple of weeks on it, so he said that we could increase it to 4mg/day.

I followed this for about 3 weeks.  My right breast (which has usually been a bit smaller) started to take off with the development - more soreness, larger pad behind the nipple, nipple growing paler and widening, overall breast enlarging. I knew these were signs of development and would have been happy if it was happening in both breasts.

I got a little scared and went back to the 2mg/day. I also read up on teenage breast development in girls and found that developing breasts can grow at different rates and usually do even out more or less in the end.

After about 3 weeks on the lower dosage, there was no change so I  stopped taking the estradiol completely and have been off of it for about 3 weeks. The right breast has gone back down a bit, the pad behind the nipple gone. Both breasts are pretty much the same now.

Has anyone had this experience and what were the results?

I have not seen a thread on here about it and can't find much information on for males growing breasts.

Any advice, information or direction to information would be greatly appreciated!


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