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Katies hair gloop!
I think it must be the Mad Scientist in me or something, but I`v come across quite a lot of data with regards to hair loss / regrowth during my travels over the last few years researching bits about HRT and the likes, and the way my brain seems to work, I sort of gathered most of this data without even knowing it, and came up with an idea that puts All the most effective stuff all together into my latest invention! [Que; Lightning flash and thunder clap]

assuming it`s DHT that causes the loss, and Finasteride and Spiro both have a synergistic effect and work very well topically also, I thought I`d add that.
if it`s Blood flow as some think, the Progesterone and vitamin A will certainly help with that too as well as cell turn-over.

so,,,, I mixed the lot together as follows;

1 teaspoon progesterone cream that contains 1 part estrogen for every 20 progesterone.
50 mg Spironolactone crushed as finely as possible (between 2 spoons)
2.5 mg Finasteride also crushed finely as above
1 pea sized amount of Retin A .05%

then mixed the whole lot together in a little container, I`ll let it stand over night and mix again in the morning as well just to make sure everythings dissolved and as homegenous as possible.
I plan on trying it on myself, even though i don`t have a MPB problem, I wouldn`t mind a little regrowth on my hairline just to see it works.
I didn`t bother with Minoxidil, not just because I don`t have any, but because that can cause general hair regrowth Everywhere incl places you don`t want it, so it seemed like a possible step backwards to me.

I`v now idea how much to use or how often, but i`m guessing a couple of night a week just on the hairline as if it were moisturiser cream should be a good start, and I`ll do one side only, and use the other as a control.
i`m really quite excited to see how this goes! Big Grin xx

here`s a pic of my new Hair Gloop!

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Interesting thought.  I wonder though, if a hair follicle has been dormant or dead for years.....  is there still hope?
from what I`v understood, if it`s dead then no, Dormant then yes, if it has a small super fine short hair still there then yes it should recover just fine as the folicle is still alive, just a bit poorly.

it was actually a recent discover that spiro actually works topically that inspired me try it, I`d read the others are good and are used in some medicines already, so why not stick the lot together, right!? Smile
well I can definitely say that it doesn`t make you Loose any existing hair or fluff! so in that respect it`s nice to know it`s at least Safe to use.
the very fine hairs around my hairline seem to have grown a little, but I guess they kinda were doing that anyway. I still really need at least another month to test this though, as 2 months should equal about 1 inch hair growth, I do have the advantage that I also dye my hair and that makes measurement much easier as it grows out.
I`ll update again soon. xx
well I`m going to have to start using it on Both sides now coz I don`t want to look weird! LOL
there is a definate growth difference beweet the side with and the side without by a good half inch! and there`s new very fine hair growing where it once was smooth, so I`m going to play catch up on the other side now. it`s not an Amazing difference, but it`s noticable if you look closely.

so I`m going to call this one a limited success Cool

I think like all things HRT, Time is a greater multiplier than dose.

Soon i`ll be moving onto my Next experiment in Detox for improving skin complexion and ageing! just waiting for my chems and stuff to arrive! Big Grin
you should bottle that stuff if it works that good.
I'm sure there are lots thin haired girls looking for a solution
Thanks Katie

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