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Best Herbs and Exercise Methods to Use for a More Shapely Bottom
I went on a healthy gluten free diet and followed an exercise plan that included walking and use of light dumbbells for upper body contouring.  The good news is that I lost 18 pounds and no longer have love handles on my sides, and the bad news is that my bottom no longer has its prior bubble butt shape.  Can anyone suggest any bottom enhancement herbs or exercise methods to use to make my bottom more shapely?
Maca seems to work for most that do or dont want extra Butt.
Great work on losing all that weight too!
I watched some videos on youtube (butt/hip exercises are quite popular!) and one trainer said that squats aren't good because they target other muscles besides just glutes. Squates might be a good though for high rep/low weight exercise for warm-up before you do exercises specifically for glutes.
MACA is the Herb for Butts. 
It works best WITH exercise. 
PM DEFINITELY gave me an ass.
Have a look at Gym Glutes on Instagram. Loads of exercises for building a bigger, better butt.
Hi, Shannon,
There are a few things you can do, and some of it is still a cr@p-shoot.
So, exercises:
Squats, especially Side Squats (work the outer hip, part of the upper quadriceps, which will make the hips look a little wider, and push the center of gravity lower into the hips).
Anything to whittle the waist (visual cue of a female is a narrow waist and wide hips, so get as slim as possible while building the butt every way you can.)
          That's front to back, AND side to side. And you can't do too much exercise here, so "cheating" and spot-reducing is good for us. (You can sort-of spot reduce at the abs, see below.)
You'll also want to develop the Gluteus Mediius especially, as you narrow the waist. Without building huge legs. That means, working the Glues as the other girls do, Donkey Kicks look great, and Fire Hydrants or Dirty Dogs as they're called (Start on hands and knees, the leg goes in a circle, up towards the chest, out to the side, back down the side to straight - keeping the leg bent, mind, and then back down to the floor, like you're making a big circle with the kneecap. You can find videos on T-Nation, YouTube, and I think BodyBuilding.com.)

Also, you can use the same massage techniques on your butt as you would on your breast, and Ainterol forums have a few threads on it. Using diet hacks (E.G., candy before a fatty meal, to encourage fat storage; with estrogens rubbed in, like PM Cream, you'll get some extra fat building on the butt; also, there's a pump design from ... Noogle, I think? meant to build tissue there.

Spot reduce at the abs...  From T-nation.com, one of the trainers didn't like cardio, so did other exercises in the same period of exercise, and found - he lost MORE from the waist.  It is presumed this was from increased vascularization of the muscle under the fat, making that location burn a little more fat. Not like you work out like mad, just do 30 minutes of cardio, in three 10-minute periods, and do situps in between the 10-minute sprints. Over time, you'll burn more. Figure 3 months, you might notice things developing as you want. :-D

Remember the goal is to drop the waist to hips ratio from "close to 1.0" (male) to ~ 0.75 (female). You do that, you'll look feminine, and if you don't have a belly, you'll be seen as female. (I forget which gurl it was, but she said, "If you don't have a belly, you're a girl with no hips. If you have a belly, you're a guy." Susan's Playground, maybe? But it's true: women don't store fat on the belly like men do. So, you also want to hack OTHER hormones, cutting down cortisol as much as possible. Cortisol in male metabolism makes a belly. You, Kava kava, Ashwaganda, Yoga, green tea - whatever will calm you, or block cortisol.

With all of that, now it's just work and work and work, the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step...  and then you just keep doing it. :-)

Take measurements, too, your weight won't tell the whole story. ;-)


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