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Rabibust: Round 2 (READ NOTES)
(Sending from cellphone)

Hi All!,

I am using rapibust again after first using it in the fall of 2015(1 week/14 units).

My expierence in 2015 was nominal, I was taking very low dose PM. But no other herbals/HRT. I expierenced deep tissue growth for the first 3 days and then the tissue becoming firmer for the fourth and fifth. The remaining days, I seen slightly visual increase, before ending the experiment.

This time, I have a months worth. (60 units) I am using them nightly, wearing a soft sports bra to support them.

I'm currently still on HRT(.6ml[12mg] E Weekly, 2mg Progesterone nightly, 5mg fin, 200mg spiro, 400mg cimetidine, 8 drops of Fenugreek.) I am currently NOT taking Domperidone for it will interfere with his test.

I've already worn them for the past 4 nights, expierencing a full cupsize of growth. Going from 40DDD/E > 40EE. (Measured and fit. UK Measurement)

The tissue is solid, not consisting of fluid or fat, feeling slightly spongy at first when they are taken off. Later, becoming solid and more condensed. 

Will edit later as more info is availible.
9/5/17 : 03:15:00 EST.
Week later, and minor growth is continueing. Neither are absorbing as fast as before. Leaving on for 14-16 hours is helping absorb it all.

Right breast seems more firm, while left is proportionally larger.

Seems to be triggering a Increased Libido.
after 4 weeks i took a break.

1.5" of growth, increased weight and firmness... (Definitely put more Bounce in my Step XD)

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