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Bathtub alchemist's intro
Hi all,

I am a 27 yr old mTf.  I began my transition at age 19, using almost entirely natural substances.  My current program, which I will probably share soon is showing tons of potential, and it doesn't even remotely resemble the program I started on.  It has been evolving over eight years as my experimentation and research have given me more insight into what is more and less effective.  Currently I make my own transdermal selective estrogen receptor modulator/antiandrogen lotion using a combination of 3 herbs

I am probably more conservative than most transpeople.  I believe things like hate speech should still be protected as free speech and it is the responsibility of those who feel victimized to protect themselves emotionally.  I am a strong supporter of the gender binary, I believe in a person's right to self medicate and take their health into their own hands.  I also believe in a persons right to live, and also their right to die if they so choose.  As an example you could look the the work of doctor Jack Kevorkian.  I also believe that to outlaw a species of plant is a crime against nature and that a person has a right to injest whatever plants or substances they choose to, and so long as they do not endanger others, any harm done to themselves is their own responsibility.  I am not here to convince others of anything or to start fights but to give others an idea of who I am and what ideas I stand behind.

I am a proud wife of a beautiful woman and proud biological father of two young children that I play the role of mother to.  We do not really identify with a specific sexual identity, but are typically identified by others as a lesbian couple.

I like to study chemistry, natural healing, herbs, biochemistry, endocrinology and other similar topics in my free time.  Over a decade of these studies have helped me greatly in taking total control of my transition and general health care.  I hope to learn more while here and hopefully help some others on their path as well!
Hello and welcome. 
I'm intrigued and looking forward to reading about your programSmile.
(12-05-2017, 09:18 AM)oki Wrote: Hello and welcome. 
I'm intrigued and looking forward to reading about your programSmile.

cool.  I will post it after I get back from work

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