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Hi from another newbie

I just thought I'd say thanks for all the amazing information on this site.

I've just started today on 1xReishi, 1xBO, 1xVitex (all Swansons) and have started a new exercise regime targeting my butt. Might pop out & buy some Maca tomorrow as that's an additional and important key area for me.

I'm in my late 40's and have been a CD since about 5yo. Transition is not on the immediate agenda, but may be long-term plausible. Lots of surgeries to consider before that though (rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, hair transplant, lip lift, porcelain veneers etc. Darn it, maybe just full FFS if I can get there). I've recently been amazed by the difference Restalyne has made to my cheeks so that showed me there is possibly a way forwards.

Most of my once prolific body hair is long gone now with multiple laser sessions & looking forward to seeing a reduction in coarseness for the remaining facial hairs with my new regime. Hope to start facial electrolysis in a few months.

Obviously, just purchasing my first house a few months back and work issues are complicating everything, but I figure I'll slowly work towards things over the next few years and see where doors open for me.


Hips 95cm (37.4")
Waist 86cm (33.8")
Underbust 88cm (34.6")
Overbust 90cm (35.4")

Thanks again for all the great research & advice. Particularly Lotus! I love you referencing genuine peer-reviewed articles. So rare & so helpful!

All the best,

Welcome to the "Mad House" Michelle !  Tons of info, sometimes that can get in the way as well.  Just develop your own plan and stick it out and don't go overboard.

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