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Hello everyone 

I'm a long-time lurker on the Nexus and finally took the plunge a few months ago, buying some Ainterol & Swanons PM, as well as WP and BO.

Started my NBE program in October by taking 2x 600mg WP a day with a view to adding low dose PM in the New Year.

Have also been taking breaks of 1week/10 days every now & again - would be interested in member's thoughts on the benefits of applying Progesterone cream either to testicles or boobs during these 'downtime' windows. 

My goal is a degree of mental & physical feminisation without going full time. However the further I go down this road the keener I think my slightly lesbo other half will get to go further. 

Ideally a slight hourglass shape, fuller bum and boob, smoother skin, less hair etc...

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I was a bit of a booze-hound in my 20s so have excess tummy fat & moobs. I think the tiger I need to lose weight before I can hope for some fat redistribution and begin to ramp up doseages.

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