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Allow me to introduce myself
Hello everyone, I'm Paul, Smile

Actually Paul is my English name, but where I live(China) nobody actually calls me this.
My Chinese name written in Pinyin (which is the romanized form of the Chinese language) is Baoluo.

OK well that was the easy bit.

I am a retired engineer/teacher ( retired about three years ago) who has lived in China since late 2003.
My wife is a local Chinese, and has been a teacher in  government schools for more than 30yrs.
She has a daughter (my step-daughter) who lives in the USA with her husband who is studying for his Chemistry Ph.D.

Now a bit more fine detail about me.

Well apart from having married twice I have been a crossdresser for practically my whole life. I started around 6 years old with a little help from my big sister. What she didn't realize was that our infantile crossdressing was going to affect her little brother's whole life!

No matter.

Anyway I kind of retired from full crossdressing a few years back, but I still wear feminine attire under my male garments.

The breast pumping didn't actually start until about a year ago.

So why did it start?

Well I got fed up with wearing breast forms finding them heavy and horribly hot.

My current breast pump is a cheap affair, but it seems to be doing something. A year ago I barely filled a 38B, now they are full to overflowing, so recently I bought two new bras that are C cup.

Incidentally the cheap breast pump is going to be replaced very soon by a Noogleberry XL Airlock system which is on its way as I type.

Finally I'd like to mention that other than the pump, and some massage, I use nothing else and take no supplements other than Vit. C and D, plus Calcium tablets and Flaxseed oil capsules. I also drink a mug of Soy milk just about every day.

If you want to ask questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Regards Smile

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