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hello all
hello everyone,
i am new to this sit and figured i would say hello and tell a little about myself. i am 27, and since i was 10 i have wanted to be a girl. the family i grew up in would have freaked out if they found out, so i had to hide it. i came out when i was 22 and boy did i come out! i let it all out and shocked everyone. very few people in my family accepted it. like 3 siblings, 2 cousins, and an aunt kind of few. things got bad and i went back into hiding. i feel like my whole life has been a flip flop between wanting  to be a girl, and wanting to give up the urge to be a girl. now it seems the girl urge is here to stay. i am extremely nervous about transitioning because i dont want anything to go wrong. back in like February, i started taking black cohosh, saw palmetto, and bovine ovarian. that lasted about 2 or 3 months before i felt like i couldnt do it and gave up again. i recently got the desire to try once again. i am going to start seeing my therapist again, and i am going to start doing bovine ovarian, saw palmetto, flax seed, and spearmint tea. i also have some progesterone cream. my goals are not that extreme, i just want like Bcup boobs, and i want my clit to shrink. i would love to have my balls removed, but i at least want them to shrink. i just want to be seen as the girl i am. and im not a super girly girl. im kinda like a tomboy. i just dont like feeling weird when i wear a bra. i love wearing a bra, but i dont want to be seen as a man in a bra. i have a great man supporting me in my desire to be a girl. he is not attracted to women, and that was something that scared me, but he made it clear my body is not what he is in love with. i have an interesting road ahead of me. i am excited, but its nerve racking. how will i look? what will my dad say? how can i afford it? all issues that make me wanna just settle for life as a man. every day is a struggle, but i am trying to be brave.
Hi Celestia, and welcome,
You will find a lot of like souls here to follow you on your journey.
It sounds like you have good support system with your BF, and it will be interesting to see how he takes to having a girlfriend in the future.
I'd look at going the PM route.
The dealer that sells for the US is:
You can also get the shipment from Germany with is slower but much cheaper.
Does your therapist know of you feminine desires?

So take some measurements and some pictures to document your progress. You dont have to share but its good to have a reference, and its great to have a cheering section here when you dont think anything is happening.
Also your tape measure will not be your friend because your breast will fill out and not necessarily grow out. It may be some time before you see that extra inch.

Here are to excellent massage threads

Massage is a great way to get some hands on, so to speak, experience with your beast growth.

Happy growing and always remember to smile.
thank you. yes my therapist is a transgender specialist. i had maybe 3 sessions with her back in the spring, but then i started feeling like i couldn't go thru with it, and just went back to boy mode. but i cant ignore the girl i am, and the more i do, the more depressed i get. i am happy as a girl. i am self conscious tho, and i get nervous in public.
Celestia, what a pretty name.  Welcome aboard, hope you find what you are looking for.   Smile
Great to hear about your Therapist, Ask for her help and if she is any good she will advise you.

One important thing to remember is that this feeling will never go away. So accept it and move on.
You can try easing into more feminine clothes every day, and your confidence will build when you head out the door in vee neck baby blue Tee.
Try a bigger size and you can probably get away with wearing a bra underneath.
Just remember that Walmart is your friend, The clothes are pretty cheap and you can explore with finding your size.
Try some light mascara and lipstick too. Its hardly noticeable and make a world of difference to your mental feeling.
Welcome!  As far as being unfortable wearing certain things...it gets better for most of us once we start making all the physical, phycological, emotional changes.  I wore clothes that were plain, little makeup, and practically no jewelry for many years. I had no hrt for those many years as well and felt less confidentabout my "passing well" and didnt want to draw attention to myself.  But after continuing hrt and seeing all the changes, my whole demeanor and attitude has changed. Now, I'm all about those things I was afraid of!  Just sit back and do all the right and necessary things that you have to start the journey safe and have a wonderful experience.
i already wear girl shirts some, and the other day i went out with no makeup, and no bra, but i didnt have on a single piece of male clothing. girl shirt, girl jacket, girl sweat pants, panties, girl socks, and girl sneakers. that was nice. that stuff is fine. i just want to get comfortable wearing a bra even if people can tell i am a guy. i and self conscious about my 5 o clock shadow. i dont want to be a heavy makeup every day kind of girl. thats not me. i am a tom boy hippie chic kinda girl. eyliner, mascara, & lip gloss works for me.
Welcome to the forum .. Having somebody to share your journey with is going to help you immensly.
Sounds like your going to make friends here, don't be too shy about asking questions.
I am also a tom boy hippie chic kinda girl. Still working on my 5 o'clock shadow too, but it's a long road.

Anyway, welcome!

[Image: WhaHAZE.jpg]

Oh, also, you should really consider going the HRT route. I started out with bovine ovary and spearmint tea, and I have had far more progress in just a month on starting doses of E and Spiro than I got in three months on BO. Also, with my health coverage, it's free!

If you are in the united states, look for an informed consent clinic if you want to try this path. I don't regret testing the water with BO and herbs, but wow, HRT is nice. (oh wow, just reread your post and saw you were already seeing a transgender specialized therapist! Good for you!)

One perk of this route is that my transition is now being medically documented, which should make it far easier to get on a path for the surgeries I want.

I'm 26 btw, so we are practically sisters :3
yea i saw her like 3 times. she is also MtF so thats cool. i stopped seeing her cuz i had doubts and just needed to pull back and find myself.

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