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A Journey of a Thousand Centimeters Begins
Confessions of an estrogen junkie.
Okay, they're phytoestrogens but it's a start.

I discovered this site @2 months ago.  Read a lot and all I can say is wow!

What I've learned so far
there is no magic boobie bullet (damn!)
every *body* is different and what works for some may or may not work for you but you keep on trying and give it time.
PM is the real deal.  Yes, there were headaches which made me realize that "not tonight I have a headache" wasn't just a line.
I went from 'woody' to wet noodle in the wink of an eye and my sex drive followed it right down.  Scary fast.  So fast I backed off to think about things.
And I thought about the inner peace and calm I felt.  It was so nice.  I have always identified as female and I know it is what I want and if there is a chance that the outer me can align with the inner me then it is a journey worth taking.
So I am back.
Only lower and slower for now.
Still putting together my ultimate program.  I admit that some of the posters with advanced chemistry degrees have me scratching my head, "so was that a yes or a no?" but I'll keep reading, keep learning.

Thanks for listening.
Hugs I find that warm hugs are rather soothing especially from a Bunny. Welcome to the forum glad to have you aboard. Yes, slow and steady does it. You'll approach your destination in good time. Be sure to document your progress! Tape measure pictures from multiple angles etc.  Don't have to post them here but it will help you see the differences.
Welcome..... Enjoy your stay may, your journey be fun and "boobie"full
I'm still Woody and have breasts

Libido comes back if you keep pm levels stabilise

Hello Emma.

Welcome to the forum.   Smile
It takes some time to get things balanced out, we all have that.

Just be patient, and dedicated. Things will balance out. but, becareful of the PinkFog... its addictive. lol

Good Luck!

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