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Squirrel's horded acorns of information ( cache of research info)
As requested, this will be the landing zone for any/all info I come across for nbe , to be mulled over, defined, explained, scrutinized by any and all who care to contribute, confute, confound or consider.

I will try to make sure I title each entry and a brief synapsis of why I think its important.
reservatrol as an endocrine disruptor:

L-Lysine boots anti-androgen (DHT inhibitor) effects: (see bottom of page, but DO read whole article. )

Juniper berry..


see particularly the section on page :
"Stimulant: Some of the properties of juniper oil like its abilities as an Emenagogue, Galactogogue and Diuretic substance result from a single property of this oil as a Stimulant. Being a stimulant, it stimulates all the activities within the body. This stimulating effect also helps overcome fatigue, dizziness and depression. It increases the activity of the brain and neurons, nervous system, secretions from the endocrine and exocrine glands, which includes secretion of milk, sebum, sweat, tears, urine and discharges during menses, digestive system and the excretory system"

other good information also listed on page for other uses of juniper essential oil.
Thujae occidentalis: aka cedar (different varieties)

what it is:

what it does :

possible anti-androgen or DHT suppressor?
GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) found : Evening Primrose oil and others:

DHT inhibitor :


read article and responses.

edit : added info for review on GLA and reduction of DHT:

Found in vaginal cream & pet wipes

DHT inhibitor:

Article (humorous, but true?)

more about ketoconazole :

to note: it builds up in adipose tissue (fat). topical site application breasts) for added dht/aromatase ?

effects on testicular tissue:
Spontaneous Psuedo-Labia growth

anecdotal accounts through use of estrogens

IT is not just a myth that women listen better than men....

Cool, squirrels nuts. Big Grin good luck, I'll pop in when I can if that's ok?.
(another suggestion Rolleyes ) I think your thread belongs in the General or Herbal section, being in " Any Other Info " is a broad description, not so much relating to NBE. Please let me know.

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