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Bovine Ovary Vodka
so, I was watching an episode of GOOD EATS where Alton brown makes a pepper vodka.... I had just read someone's post about using bovine ovaries.. and then Ba BAm! I had an idea.. soaking the contents of bovine ovary pills in vodka and letting them steep for a few weeks , then adding the saturated and bovine ovary enriched vodka to a lotion to make boobie batter.. applied to breasts for possible accelerated growth. *IF* you can steep the chemical properties into the vodka without killing them off with the alchohol content., then perhaps transdermal absorbtion would work, if the particles absorbed are small enough to pass through skin barrier.

this would cut out the % lost through absorbtion internally..

I know some herbal extracts are made through this process, however I am not sure if the bovine ovaries will survive this process.. To the Squirrel Nest, Chipmunk! *cue batman theme* Tongue
ok test experiment done: 17 Swanson's bovine ovary pills (decapped and dumped into a 4oz cobalt blue bottle full of segram's vodka, ice cold from the freezer).

after mixing, I took out a dropper full to see if the saturation is too much. it seems about right. the turbidity of the vodka is not too dark, nor too light. it is about a nutmeg brown in color and its opacity is about that of a stained glass window. light shines easily through it.

as a test control, after mixing, I placed a few drops on my left breast, rubbed it in, and left the right breast untreated. this is to test to see if there is any instant efficacy of the mixture.

I suspect, that it will take at least 7 days for minimum absorbtion of chemical compounds of bovine ovaries to saturate into vodka.

left breast is a bit warm atm, most likely result of absorbtion of the few drops of vodka transdermally. no sign of flushing or rash or negative reaction . I am not expecting any instant results , just want to document the test procedure and its scope at the moment with anything that has been performed.

IN the next test, I will apply the B.O. Vodka after one week of saturation, daily shaking of mixture to ensure minimal settling. In that test I will apply to right breast without any booby batter, to test initial efficacy without dilution. Following week I will test on left breast again with lotion added as a "booby batter" .

the reason I am alternating breasts, is , in the event it becomes an accelerated growth product, I don't want one breast to be lagging behind. I wil do my best to record any actions/reactions to this experiment in the best scientific manner I posess. sorry if it seems sterile or clinical, as the blues brothers said " Just the facts, Ma'am."

it is more of a biological experiment diary.

I wil, however maintain my daily regiment already posted as a baseline to maintain continuity of my NBE Regiment. this is to see if there is any added value in topical/transdermal application.

Please feel free to ask questions and/or add comments regarding the B.O.Vodka experiment.
For the record:

The vodka was only in the freezer , as that is where I store it for making mixed drinks. the remainder of the experiment, the B.O.Vodka will be stored at room temperature.

I am not worried about bacterial issue, as the ABV of the vodka should be sufficient to deter any bacterial infection and/or molding of mixture.

of other considerations: possible sublingual (under tongue )application via dropper full under tongue after maximum saturation of vodka is reached (4 weeks?)
An interesting experiment... I am very interested in seeing the results of this, if any changes do occur
i will be sure to report on it, trust me.. I will be a guinea pig "squirrel" on behalf of all the NBE'rs out there. if it can be duplicated by another person after my initial findings, then perhaps we can use this method versus the oral consumption via a capsule.

1. Increase efficacy and potency, through either sublingual absorbtion or transdermal/topical absorbtion

2: simplify standard regiments and dosages reducing cost and consumption quantity for needed effects, if any.

3: bypass the temperature barrier most experience to properly process the bovine ovary in bloodstream.
I suspect you'll need to get your hands on some good high quality extremely pure DMSO if you want this to pass the skin barrier. I'm curious if it'd work this way at all, even with DMSO. My instincts say no, but I could be wrong.
I would be rather concerned with how the alcohol would effect your skin in the long term. Alcohol wipes dry out skin and applying vodka would be even worse i imagine. I'd make sure you are moisturizing really well throughout this experiment Smile
Squirrel the guinea pig, lol.........aren't we all experimenters in one way or another?. Wink

Interesting approach, I'd try tequila though (being an aromatase booster, which from experience works). good luck though. Smile
(11-04-2016, 01:51 AM)Lotus Wrote: Squirrel the guinea pig, lol.........aren't we all experimenters in one way or another?. Wink

Interesting approach, I'd try tequila though (being an aromatase booster, which from experience works). good luck though. Smile

ooh! I will have to try it with tequila then. Just call me Titty Tequila! Tongue

for now I will conduct the experiment with the vodka I have. test trials for afew weeks then switch to the Bovine Ovary Tequila.

I will note the differnces now with the vodka and then with the tequila, this will be a few months of experimentation...
I still have 15 bottles of Swansons B.O. to go through.. anything beats swallowing so many pills .. if the b.O. boobybatter works, I can just uncap them all and target the wanted areas Smile plus probably take a few internally.

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