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Siam Naturals PM
In early March, MarcyAno posted in project X about finding and ordering
PM from http://www.siamnatural.com/.

I was needing to reorder PM myself so I did from the NeW York source of Ainterol PM and also ordered the three bottle special of 100 caps per bottle from Siam Natural.

My order processed with them March 9th shipped from Thailand and arrived April 1.

I'm still trying to determine proper dose as they seem to be slightly less (400 mg) but more pure than Ainterol.

I settled on two morning , one midday and three before bed. Started doing it Sunday April 3rd.

I'm going to try to compare to my experience with Ainterol in the coming months. I've got from April to end of August (started Aug 24,2014) to hit my two year, so I'm not sure if I experience good growth if it's the switch to Siam Naturals or what I would have in that stretch run to 2 year anniversary.

I am going to put progress pics on my picutre pages this week end.
Sinus infections and the flu put me off my steady PM but back on track over a month now and the soreness is divine.
Fantastic, can't wait for the results. What was your dosage before with Ainterol? I would think if you were on 2000 mg that would have been 4 pills, but now 5 pills of this other brand.

Out of curiosity, if this other brand is supposed to be more potent, why would you want to try and match your dosage with Ainterol? Shouldn't you be able to use a lower dosage and achieve positive growth? Perhaps an experiment for another time. Smile
Hi Fire....well for starters these are 400 mg and you're correct I was doing 4 - 500mg of ainterol daily. I'm still trying to decide the dosage, and a little concerned about the fish oil I'm now taking to lower cholesterol (docs orders))

Anyway, might be just me....but I think these have a little extra. Also, I noticed in other posts here, people were wondering if ainterol varies from lot to lot in its potentcy.

300 caps for $60 is a pretty good price if its potent and consistent.
Oh that's right, I recall now you mentioning about the Fish Oil and tub of pills you had finish before you could try a different brand that would be less intrusive to your NBE.

If you really feel like it's more potent, then perhaps you should go with 4-5 pills spread throughout the day. Otherwise you're going to kill those bottles pretty quickly. Wink Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you!
Well, finished the first bottle back on May 9. Time to report.
Around a month with four to five caps a day with the usual missed evening or morning skips that just seem happen. I usually take a sunday break as well.

I'm not going to open the second bottle.
It's Ainterol Hands down...don't know the reason but....
not near the growth though that I feel with Ainterol and I've possibly stalled or even regressed.Huh
Went back to Ainterol Monday (usual 2 caps morning and befroe bed)...
and woke up so sore this morning (Thursday) I had to do extra long massage in the shower.
Well I decided to give them a try too. I rarely skip a day, and I have stuck with 4 pills daily. I am going to stick with this until I do my next blood test and see what my results are. When I did my previous blood test I was already on the Siam PM. So it will be interesting to see what a full 4-5 months on Siam shows.

I suppose I could then go back on Ainterol for 4-5 months and see what my blood test shows after that. Guess I am my own lab rat. Big Grin I'll let you know if I see or feel any difference Elaine.
(12-05-2016, 03:42 PM)Fire And Ice Wrote: .... Guess I am my own lab rat. Big Grin I'll let you know if I see or feel any difference Elaine.

Great Fire! Sounds like a plan.....keep us posted.
I just decided not to break open another bottle, I hang on to it as an emergency bottle.

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